September 24th, 2004



if you've never had scrapple, or never even heard of it before... it's the... well, the leftover parts of animals all smooshed together (i think it's a philly thing, or at least a pennsylvania thing.) when i was growing up, it was an integral part of our sunday breakfast. i loved it. my dad was a super scrapple maker. the inside was nice and soft and squishy with a layer of crispiness on the outsides. the scrapple came in packages the size of a typical tofu container, and you'd slice the scrapple about 1/4 - 2/3 inches thick, and fry it in a pan. okay, history lesson over. i think i might have discovered a scrapple alternative.
it's the first suggestion on this thread. i was trying to take the lazy way out, and so i used the can of chickpeas. i'll copy and paste it, and edit it to what i did differently..
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