September 25th, 2004

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serving size: 101 cupcakes

cupcake update from last weekend.

making a zillion cupcakes takes time.  in fact, it takes up most of a
weekend.  i ended up making vanilla, chocolate, chai, carrotcake and
red velvet batters and peanut butter, cherry, cola and creem cheeze
frostings.  we mixed them all up, (dazee helped frost) but we protected the carrot from anything but creem cheez. after we were done they all got their share of decoration too:
gelatin-free gumdrops, sunny bears, chocolate bombs and more, once we were done, they were all a mystery as i
couldn't fucking figure out what was what.  they sure were pretty
and/or tasty though.


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My friends and I bought cute little sugar pumpkins tonight.

I'd like to bake one for dinner, but I need a bit more than
pumpkin+agave, I think. Any thoughts?

mailable goodies?

hey, i am finally going to have my own kitchen again in a week when i move into my new apartment, and i want to use it! i'm thinking that i want to make some goodies to send to friends back home, most likely cookies, and i'm looking for recipes that travel well. i've never sent anything like this through the mail before, so good recipes for packing, packing tips, any other advice would be appreciated. thanks!

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