September 26th, 2004


Canola Oil

Please excuse me being an ignorant english person. Is canola oil the same as sunflower oil? Does it have any other names. I want to make chocolate cookies, and I have an american recipe and no idea what I am supposed to buy. Thanks :)


yesterday when i went grocery shopping, i managed to find chayote squash. i've never seen one before being cooked before, and it looks almost like a pear. my favorite dish at a local mexican restaurant is chayote squash with a red sauce, and in googling it to find out more about it, i came across a vegan chayote recipe that looks yummy:

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has anybody else ever cooked chayote before? any good recipes you could share?

Rice Cooker Advice

Goooooood Afternoon everyone,
Being a college student who, for some reason, has moved back on campus to live in the Residence Halls, I rely on my rice cooker quite a bit.
Assuming I have cooked the type of rice before, I can most always get nice fun fluffy rice out of it, but I often get rice stuck to the bottom. This may not be such a problem if I had a real sink to clean it in, but my room sink just doesn't cut it.
So, how might I avoid sticky rice (bahahahha, I am ever so funny) on the bottom of my rice cooker bowl? Would a lil spurt of cooking spray, or (for you non hydrog folks), a bit of olive oil do the trick?

Thanks for any input!

On a side note, a shout out to my Blacksburg veggie folk.
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Hey cooks! :)

I used flax powder + water in my muffins as my egg replacer but they came out kind of flat and mushy even after cooking twice as long. I know I didn't use too much according to the substitution rules, but maybe you guys have some better suggestions on the amounts to use??

Or, which method of egg replacing for something like muffins would you recommend the most?? I cannot use EnerG Egg replaceer [I cannot find it anywhere near me]...

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This is a bit of an urgent question.. i want to bake a cake tonight.. in the next few hours.
When a recipe calls for almost a cup of oil, is it ok to use olive oil?? Will it taste weird. I just want the cake to turn out well cos im making it for someone.



Also, another question. Can i replace the baking soda with baking powder.. if i leave out the vinegar that is included in the recipe??

potato soup question

i got this recipe off of like nearly a year ago and i've i keeo meaning to try it, and i just, well don't.

my boyfriend has to get a ton of dentel work done on friday so i was like, SOUP, i will make him SOUP.

so this is what i was thinking...
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advice, please

I have two problems, stemming from one thing. My office is having a potluck next friday for lunch. First of all, how do I tell everyone that I am a vegetarian without sounding like the prick that's all "please don't make any meat, just for me!"? I was thinking of asking if anyone else has any special dietary needs and pointing out mine, so as not to sound selfish.

The second problem is- what to make? I'd like to make a "I can't believe it's vegan!!" kind of dish (I'm not exclusively vegan, but I'm trying...). I don't think a lot of my coworkers have much experience with animal free eating, and I'd really like to show them that's it's not all steamed carrots and brown rice. :) So any suggestions on what to make? I have How It All Vegan and the Garden of Vegan if there is a specific recipe from there you think is great.

Thanks a lot!