September 27th, 2004

  • brymbyl

Nut butter cookies

Make these with whatever kind of nut butter you'd like. I've made these with peanut butter, while adding dark chocolate chunks and raw cashew nuts, and cashew butter, while adding shredded coconut and dried cherries. Both were intensely delicious; I think I'm going to try sunflower seed butter next. I modified this from a recipe that I can't seem to find again.

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Wynken & Sabine
  • wynken

vegan chocolate chip muffins

A long long time ago i made chocolate chip muffins and they came out very good. i can't seem to find the recipe now and i want to make them again. I'm pretty sure it was simple ingredients, possibly using energy egg replacer, but maybe not? if anyone has one i'd love it if you'd share with me!

happy eats! <3 wynken de wilde
  • misfit

(no subject)

I have a lot of difficulties with sugar, specifically that it can cause me to have acid reflux. This poses a big problem because I love to bake, and the thought of halting my weekly baking endeavors/experiments/occasional disasters makes me so sad!

What are some natural (i.e. not Nutrasweet and the like) sugar replacements that will not aggravate my acid reflux like sugar? Are stevia and/or agave nectar likely to cause acid reflux like sugar?

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Crock pot recipes

I checked through the memories, but didn't see anything that screamed "crock pot"!

I am a busy, tired mom of three who works full-time, and would like to be able to come home to a nearly-ready crock pot meal. I like to cook beans in the crock pot, but can you give me any new ideas? beans and rice, soups and stews, tender veggies... anything?

THANK YOU! You guys/gals are great! I love this community!
what up

(no subject)

hi community. i'm new here. I was just stopping by to see if anyone could suggest a vegan chinese dish. Im not all that literate when it comes to the kitchen, so extensive recipes would help a lot. I'm making dinner for my girlfriend sometime soon... Spicy stuff... Thanks everyone...

Dried Cherries!!

Hello all.  I love the recipes here and I am hoping that someone could help me come up with some fun, easy and cheap recipe ideas.  I have a ton of dried cherries and I am thinking about making some muffins but other than that idea I have drawn an annoying blank.  So, come on and hit me with some great recipes!