September 29th, 2004


norange palaw?

this is my absolute favorite dish at a local afghani restaurant. they make it with eggplant replacing the traditional lamb for me, but it's basically eggplant stewed in a spiced tomato sauce covered in a fragrant saffron rice with pistachios, orange rind, etc. sprinkled through it. it's so freakin good!

i'm sure i can easily recreate this at home, but i was hoping maybe someone out there has tried to do just that already, maybe? maybe?

does anyone know how to make this delectable little dish?

Stirfry favourites

Peoples! I have an omniverous pal staying with me this weekend, and she's just started a new diet, for health reasons. She has to cut out a hell of a lot of fat and her usual crap, so she wanted to have some kind of tofu stirfry this weekend as she likes my food, but doesn't get it at home obviously, plus vegan food being low in all the junk she is instructed to keep clear of. What are everyone's best tofu and vegetable stirfry recipes? I'd like to make something really special, to help her enjoy eating healthier.
Any healthy, low fat nibblies ideas would be welcome also.