October 3rd, 2004


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i berate, beseech and express desire largely in the general direction of all of you to do this:

red peppers are obscenely cheap most everywhere right now. (think 77 cents a pound at my local no frills, and just about as cheap at the fruit market up the street. and ontario grown, no less.) go to your local whatever and buy a lot of them. (i got 10 today, for 3$ and change)

take them home, give them a wash, and split them in half. seed them, and lay them insides-down on a baking sheet. broil them in the oven until their skins are black and bubbled.

take them out and put them in a bowl, cover them and wait until they're cool to touch. then you can slip the charred skin right off. they're so sweet and slightly smoky tasting..... perfect for sandwhiches (my favorite tofu, tomato, mustard variety will definitely be graced with these things quite soon)
or pasta. or just funnelling right into your mouth, if you have no restraint. (check! :) )

i'm freezing half, individually at first (i put them all on a plate, and am going to bag them together later when they're solid) so i can have them later on when the price skyrockets again.