October 7th, 2004

Cloves and Chinese food

Ok I have two questions. One, what are some nice vegan dishes I can put heaps of cloves in? I've a sudden interest in cloves for some reason unknown to me, so I'd like to use them in my cooking a bit more.
The other one was Chinese food. Does anyone have any nice Chinese recipes?


What fruit did I buy?

I bought a "papaya" to make some Som Thom (a Thai papaya salad). I got it at the Asian market, and I thought it looked like the papayas I've seen at the grocery store. Now I'm reading this thing that says papayas have buttery pink flesh and dark seeds... and uh... mine doesn't. The fruit I got is about the size of a football and pretty symmetrical. It's about the color of a lime and has a very thin skin, like a cucumber. The flesh is snowy white and crisp with almost no flavor, and the middle is hollow and has a bunch of little white seeds. Anyone know what I got?
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