October 11th, 2004



Brand new here to the community! I am in serach of a homemade garden burger recipe, for payment of said recipe, I give you my Collapse )
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a query....

so i really would like to purchase a sturdy cast-iron skillet. but, you see, i acquire most of my stuff second-hand (down with consumerism!) and i think a new skillet would be to expensive for me. i do know, however, that iron pans soak up flavor and spice over time. what if i find a skillet that has been used to cook meat? will i get a meaty taste? is this too un-vegan? should i just save my $$ and get a new one? any advice is appreciated...



taking out the taste of vinegar

so i made mayonnaise yesterday (because it's a 30 min trip to the closest place that has vegenaise), and somehow i put too much vinegar in it (note to self: don't measure up the ingredients above the mixer, you'll ruin the whole batch), maybe a couple of teaspoons or so too much. is there something i can put in there to take out the taste of it? or at least make it less... obvious? doing this recipe right, it taste almost exactly like vegenaise, but this taste... like vinegar. kind of. can i save this or should i throw it out? any help is appreciated!

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(no subject)

My mother and i are thinking of making homemade soap gift goodie bags for the holidays (because we are poor). does anyone know of a good recipe or a source of information where i can find this out. I want to make sure that im using hypo-allergenic/ all natural vegan soap (of course).
also what else would go good with soap? lip balm? does anyone know anything about that?
Thanks everyone . . .

(no subject)

I'm trying to get over my fear of eating with people...
So I need some lunch ideas for school!

I can't have anything too chewy like fruit leathers or dried fruit.
Or soup. Or nuts/nut butters unless they are already packaged in something (i just can't have them in the house.)

I have no idea what to pack, all I can think of is an orange and a luna bar but my mom says that isn't enough.

For those of you in high school or have been in high school, what kinds of things did you pack for lunch?
thank you :)
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Vegan Italian Recipes?

Here's the backstory - I'm working at the Texas Renaissance Festival every weekend this month, and went to an after-hours pot luck party with a friend this past weekend. She'd brought a yummy marinated tofu and pinapple dish, but there weren't many other dishes that I could eat (lots of meat). I'm going to bring a dish this coming weekend (wasn't prepared last weekend), and my friend told me that this weekend's theme is "Italian". Now, I don't just need a vegan Italian recipe; I need one that I can prepare in advance (Thursday night), and serve cold/room temperature Saturday night. I'm not sure I can find a heating device; the closest I could come would be a campfire, and I don't think anyone I know builds them. So, I'm looking for a dish that tastes ok cool instead of warm. It can be refrigerated Thursday night and Friday during the day, and put into a cooler with ice packs until Saturday night if needed.

Any thoughts? I've done some web research and come up with a reasonable list so far, but I wanted to see if anyone here had any ideas that would work perfectly for this situation.

Thanks in advance!

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