October 17th, 2004


Hi, everyone! I just joined and I need some help already. : )

On the 29th, I'm going to be having a Halloween party for me and my friends. There's going to be about 15-20 people, most of them non-vegan.

I've already looked at vegweb and the memories here, and I did find a few recipes I may try. But! I was wondering if anyone had any new, REALLY cute, Halloween-ish recipes that don't have too many crazy ingredients?

I'd appreciate it a lot! I always get really stressed over cooking for parties, so I'd like the recipes to be on the simple side : ) I'd also enjoy some new recipes for classic Halloween food like popcorn balls and carmel apples and things like that.

Thanks very much!

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If one of your tofu boxes looks like this:

They both had the same experation date, weeks away, so I decided to open the normal one. It smelled like fish and butt and then so did my kitchen. Sad to have to bury 2 tubs of tofu.
On the ferry

Ethiopian dinner

For a long time I've let the difficulty of making/buying injera dissuade me from making Ethiopian food. As much as I love it, though, it really is delicious and complete without it. Here's what I just had for dinner:

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