October 18th, 2004

  • joolee

Homemade seitan

When making your own raw gluten at home, what type of flour do you use? So far, whole wheat bread flour has worked the best for me and stone ground whole wheat worked kind of crappy, because it was too grainy. For those of you who make your own gluten on a regular basis, what works best?
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Bonnie & Clyde
  • shaska

Raw Pizza Recipes

Hi all, 8)

It's been about two years since first attempt at this recipe. The first time, I put the buckwheat groats in the water waiting for them to start sprouting, and I ended up getting something that smelled like beer. 8p

This time, the groats are NOT toasted, and I'm crossing my fingers. (I kinda like this vegetarian guy.. you know how that goes!) 8)~

So, anyone have any cool topping recipes they really like?? or any experiences with making it that they could share???

I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


In my last post, i was complaining about casein. Candle Cafe defines it as this:

A phosphoprotein derived from milk which is often added to soy cheese products to
improve texture and promote melting.

Now, wouldn't a vegan restaurant want to promote the removal of milk derivatives? i just don't get it. wouldn't it be better to use casein and rennet free organic cheese from cows??
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a review of vegan cheeses.

I know vegan cheese is one of the most talked-about subjects on here and I find that sometimes the same questions come up because the answers aren't all in one place. Thus, I present my (drumroll please) review of vegan cheeses! Please feel free to add yours in the comments.

(Please note that ALL of the below are 100% animal-free, which means that there is NO casein or rennet in any of them.)

TOFUTTI SOY-CHEESE SLICES: I've tried mozzarella-flavored, but it also comes in American and garlic. This is by far the best vegan cheese I've had--it DEFINITELY melts very well and goes great on sandwiches, grilled cheese and nachos (never had it on pizza, but I'd imagine it'd be good there too). The only place I've seen it so far is Whole Foods. The downside of this cheese is that it is pretty unhealthy and super-fatty, so use sparingly.

VEGANRELLA: I've tried cheddar-flavored, but I think there's also a mozzarella flavor too. Doesn't melt, just gets soft. Doesn't taste good on its own but is somewhat manageable on sandwiches, for me, although I've heard others describe it as tasting like cardboard. It's pretty hard/tough.

VEGAN SLICES: Made by the same folks who make Veggie Slices. This stuff tastes like cement. It's not worth your money--although it's widely available!

That's the only stuff I've tried. Feel free to add your experiences! Let's make this a good resource.

A NOTE ON MACARONI AND CHEESE: Nutritional yeast sauces seriously work better than any vegan cheese you'll find. For real. Browse through the memories to find one that suits you/your kitchen.


Random sidenote - I lied, I have tried one other type of vegan cheese. A few weeks ago a friend bought me vegan smoked gouda from some cheese shop on 2nd Avenue (in New York). It was indeed 100% vegan--and SO GOOD! Wow, it seriously tasted like smoked gouda, plus it melted and had great consistency. I have no idea where this cheese shop was or what brand the cheese was, but if you live in New York, I highly recommend seeking out this shop, because the cheese was totally worth it.

slow cooker recipes

as fall is here and winter quickly approaching, my mom has gone into her annual "slow cooker meal" craze.

new to the whole vegetarian/vegan-ism thing, just wondering if any of you had any slow cooker recipes that wouldn't totally freak out a predominately meat eating family?

i like beans, lentils, most other veggies. not a huge fan of tofu though.

thanks in advance.

ps. anyone know of any mass-market brands of chocolate chips that are vegan? the specialty brands are pretty expensive.