October 21st, 2004

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hey i tried the memories but they wernt much help so i figured id just post the question here.

does anyone have a good recipe for rice crispy treats using vegan marshmellows. i got them last week, the only problem they were 7 dollars for the bag. insane rip off. so it would be bitchin if someone could also hook me up with a good recipe for something i could use when im done with the bag that is kind of vegan marshmellowish for the rice crispy treats. thank you.

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Vegan Ingredients

Hi folks,

I hope people will find this useful - it's been on the web for a while, here and here, but I thought you-all might appreciate it posted here...

Any feedback welcome - tell me if you think I've got something wrong, or been unfair to any of the ingredients, or whatever. =)

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cabbage soup?

i swear this is not as disgusting as i'm sure some of you are going to think it is -
i remember when i was a kid, my grandmother/mother/some familial female figure i can't remember made cream of cabbage soup. it was green cabbage based (you know, your run of the mill dirt-cheap grocery store cabbage that you'd have with corned beef), and i'm guessing there was potato in there, as it had the same consistancy as something like leek and potato soup.

does anybody have a recipe for this?