November 1st, 2004

Eggplant parmigana

Last night i had what i guess could be described as eggplant parmigana. It seemed to be crumbed eggplant, with tomato paste/sauce and vegan cheese. this was in some form of turkish bread i think, but could be eaten without.

Does anyone have a specific recipe for this? Mostly to do with cooking and crumbing the eggplant. it was the most amazing thing ive eaten in a long time.


how does one go about making a vegan calzone? thanks. :)

edit: what do you use for ricotta cheese? i'm assuming something with tofu, but what EXACTLY. ;) thanks.
  • misfit

Soda as an Egg Sub in Cake Mix

This weekend I substituted Sprite for the water in a commerical (vegan) vanilla cake mix. It turned out great! The cake rose perfectly, although it was a bit crumbly inside. Since I assume that the carbonation is what causes the cake to rise, do you think that I could use club soda instead next time? Or is it carbonation plus sugar in the soda that makes it work? Thanks!