November 5th, 2004

Bread Machine.

My grandma gave me a bread machine she bought at a garage sale, and it's hardly been used. I've never used a bread machine before, and it didn't come with a manual. It's a Breadman Plus, so any tips would be greatly appreciated :-)

I'm still not sure why you need specific breadmachine recipes. Anyhow, I was looking through the recipe index and thought I'd ask for some help. I usually buy this hemp bread at Whole Foods for over $4 a loaf. I love that it's high in Omega 3 and protein, but it's also expensive; I thought I'd try to make it myself. I have shelled hemp seeds, and I was wondering what sort of recipe would be best to add them in? I sorta prefer soft and slightly sweet bread, but I'll try any suggestions you have to offer.
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Peppermint Bark

Does anybody have a recipe for peppermint bark? My son and I are allergic to nuts so we won't be eating any peanut or almond brittle this season and I'd like to make peppermint bark, if somebody has a good vegan version. Thanks!

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I would like to make peanut butter cups, but I don't have chocolate chips, only unsweetened chocolate and cocoa powder. Does anyone know what I'd add to these to get regular chocolate? (I'm assuming I could melt the unsweetened chocolate, add sugar and soymilk, and let it cool again, but I'd like some amounts as guidelines, if anyone knows.) Thanks for any help.

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we have these little moths in our kitchen. they some how find their way into our bags and containers of food and i have no idea how to get them to stay out.
is there any powder or spice they dont ike the smell of to get rid of them?

its getting bad, first it started with the bread, bread crumbs, polenta, etc now they are in almost every soft food like that.

Christmas Fruit Cake.

Ok, I checked the back entries (ooerr! Sorry been watching too much Blackadder) and I couldn't find what I am looking for. Primarily I want a rich fruit cake recipe that can be kept without going off and matured for a month or so before christmas in some brandy or whisky. I have made one before, but that had eggs in it, and I'm not sure if egg replacer will work in a rich fruit cake. If someone has a recipe then I would be very grateful. I have family coming to us this year and I don't want Dad moaning about dry and unmatured christmas cake. Thanks :) Oh, and if anyone has a christmas pudding recipe things (ie the ones that get set on fire before eating)that would be brill.

BEST EVER vegan hard rocking swiss mocha cocoa

scant 1/2 c light muscovado sugar
2 T maple syrup (or malt syrup)
1/4 c cocoa powder
pinch sea salt
2-3 shots espresso (still hot)
4 c soymilk
1 t vanilla extract
pinch cinnamon
1 clove

Mix sugar, maple syrup, cocoa powder, salt and espresso in a saucepan. Mix over low heat until smooth and steaming. Slowly add soymilk while stirring. Add cinnamon and crushed clove. Keep stirring until it's the temperature you want to serve it at. Turn the heat off, add vanilla and whisk until frothy. Serve, and FEEL THE LOVE.

This is like drinking a mug of hardcore loving, I swear to god.