November 8th, 2004


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there was a recipe, somewhere, for "chicken" dumpling soup
i coulda sworn it was here, in this community, but is MIA at the archives.
i also thought i made it a memory, but its not there either.
the only other website i use is and i cant find it there EITHER.

the only real "thing" i remember is that the comment was made that it makes 95275908475 dumplings (which, somehow, wasnt listed as a good thing?)

is it in the archives and i'm dumb? has ANYONE seen the recipe that im talking about? does anybody care? does anyone have their OWN recipe for chicken dumplin'soup (vegan, duh!) fhat they love?

i got unchicken broth for 1.99$ at biglots (hell yeah) and now im itchin' to make some dumplings and vegan chicken (my god, i havent had it in *at least* ten years, and im so excited), but need help.

so, help?


I read all these recipes that sound great, but they all involve miso, and I don't know where to begin with that stuff. I've seen it at the grocery, but I've never bought or used any. Can anyone give me a primer on what it actually is, how it tastes, where I might have encountered it in food before (broth soups at Japanese places?), and how to use it?
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