November 12th, 2004



Hi Folks-

Does anyone have a good idea for a way to make a jello salad with low/very little sugar? I'd like to have one at thanksgiving, which my sister will attend.

My sister is also a strict vegitarian, and has decided to cut out aspartame and other fake sweeteners, and she doesn't eat processed sugar. It also needs to be very low calorie, or she won't eat it. (I'm kinda unsure what she DOES eat, because every time I talk to her she's elimitated something else, including veggie/grain things.) She's trying to come up with a splenda or stevia and agar or pectin replacement, but has had limited success.


blinded by the exotic intrigue of a pomegranate

Does anyone have any vegan-friendly recipes involving pomegranates?
I randomly bought one at the farmer's market the other day (purely for the novelty of it - I've never bought one before, and suddenly felt a bizarre compulsion to do so), got it home, and realized that I had no idea what to do with it. It's hiding in the fridge now, looking very neglected. Any ideas would be tres appreciated!
lipstick bloody lipstick

question about kaffir limes leaves & lemongrass

i recently bought a package of fresh kaffir lime leaves and there is no way i can use it all before they go bad so i was thinking of drying them. how do i go about doing this?

i was also wondering what is th ebest way to chop lemongrass? i tend to split them down the middle lengthwise and then cut them into big pieces in the other direction.. which means i have to remove the lemongrass pieces after cooking and before eating (or have people ignore it in on their plates). if i cut them very small, is it possible to just eat them? what is the proper way to cut lemongrass?