November 14th, 2004


does it matter what brand of tofu i use?

ok so there is a few recipies that call for silken tofu, but i got a diffrent brand... azumaya. Will this make any diffrence, so do i NEED to have silken tofu brand?
or is it just a prefered brand?

edit: i assume that if a recipies doesnt say silken, then regular tofu is fine. I guess my other question is how do i make crumbled tofu?
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ok i want to make a soup but it calls for

· 1 carton of Imagine potato leek soup
is there a substatute for this? its not available around here. Would something like silken tofu soy or something else be able to replace it?

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hit me with yr best shot?

I am looking for an yummy stuffing recipe. apparently i have been put in charge of a vegan feast this year! normally, i don't even make the stuff, but what is a thanksgiving feast without good ol stuffin'?

please don't tell me to look for vegan "stovetop" like items. i'm looking for homemade goodness here!

please help. :)

Tofurky Question

I am the only vegan, or even vegetarian, in my family. My family (well, at least, my husband's side - the only side that matters anyway) is very vegetarian-friendly. But there's only so much they can do when it comes to knowing what I can and cannot eat - so I cook food for myself (and my husband, who usually also eats the veggie food) every Thanksgiving. I have never made any Tofurky, and was wondering if there are various sizes, and if so, what would be the right size for me? Mind you, I'm only cooking for 1-2 people, and will have sides, so I don't want to cook too much.

If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello! I'm Sarah; I just joined this community, and I've been enjoying reading the old posts and gathering up the recipes that sound particularly yummy. I'd like to share one of my favorite soup recipes, which I make as a meal often.

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My daughter's first birthday is coming up on Nov. 27th and I need to bake a cake. I don't want a chocolate cake though. I'm thinking strawberry cake with some type of scrummy frosting. Failing that, vanilla cake with chocolate chips in it, or a lemon frosting.

I didn't find anything like that on vegweb. Can anyone give me some recipe suggestions and/or links to some. This way, I can practice a little before the day! If you have actually made it yourself and can recommend it, that is even better.


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potato chops...

Okay so I made those potato chops that were posted a few days ago.It came out okay but sort of bland.Any suggestions on how to kick it up so to speak? also they didn't turn out as golden as the picture.Help! I want to perfect this dish so I can impress my meat eating inlaws!!! Thanks in advance