November 19th, 2004

Vegan fudge?

So the holidays are coming up kind of soon, and normally my family makes fudge. (We skipped it last year because of me, but I want some fudge). Anyone have any good recipes for peanut butter or chocolate fudge that are vegan/can be veganized?
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Ideas for leftover lasagna filling?

I made some fabulous vegan lasagna last night, but as I had never made it before, I wasn't sure about how the tofu-ricotta filling would turn out, so I skimped a bit while layering, leaving me with about a cup of extra tofu-herb-garlic mixture. It tasted great in the lasagna, so now I don't want to let it go to waste! Any ideas for what to do with it?


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I'm not even veg*n yet but I have decided tofu is the most wonderful thing ever. I made "Alfredo" the other night using silken tofu instead of cream and everyone loved it and I proved to them that tofu can be really tasty :)

Now I just need to find some more smashing easy recipes for my novice self.

I also tried SoyBoy tofu ravioli last night. I was skeptical and even though it is expensive I will defintely be purchasing more in the future. SO GOOD.

I love the thought of veganizing the hell out of recipes and serving them to people who think that I'm nuts for slowly but surely cutting animals products out of my diet.

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I really want to try my hand at making whole wheat pizza dough but I've heard it's hard to keep it from turning out rock hard and dense.

Would using whole wheat pastry flour instead help in that department or would I still need to use some regular flour?

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I used this one with some small alterations. I didn't know what butter powder was so I just guestimated an amount of butter (earth balance). I'd say I used about 3 tablespoons. I also love garlic alot so I added about 2 large cloves of smashed and finely chopped garlic. Scallions (green onions) also made a nice addition (I used about 5 or 6 but I really love scallions).

Corn starch if you have it mixed with a little water and then dumped into the mix while heating it up is a good thickener and I think it cinced the authenticness.

I blended everything together except the broth first and then put it in a sauce pan and heated it on low and stirred for awhile and seasoned to taste :)

It was delicious and my boyfriend who thinks I'm nuts now knows that tofu can be good.