November 24th, 2004

sweet potato pie

i'm looking for a recommended vegan sweet potato pie recipe and couldn't find one in the index. am i missing it? or does anyone have any good recommendations? i'm usually a pumpkin pie kinda girl, but i've got some sweet potatoes that need to be used.

my fiance's family is making us candied 'yams', and i don't really like them, so i don't want to have 2 servings in one thanksgiving, but if there are any other good thanksgiving-ish ideas for sweet potatoes, i am open to those as well. thanks! :)
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Marshmallows Galore!

I just read the earlier post regarding vegan marshmallows, and it reminded me that I have an open bag sitting in my cupboard which is probably going to go stale soon. anyone?

These things were damn expensive, so ideas are much appreciated.