November 28th, 2004

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this might be a stupid question but i really don't know..

does yeast (as in, the kind for baking) go 'bad' when not refigerated? i moved recently and we had a container of yeast in the fridge.. and for the move, i took it out but didn't get it back into a fridge again for a few hours (perhaps even a day?). will it still work and make things rise?

aduki/adzuki/azuki beans

I bought some adzuki (or whatever the name for them is) beans the other day but i donn't really know what to do with them.
I bought them because there was some healthy eating show on and the nutritionist suggested the guyeat them because they're really rich on things.... ha
um. so yeah does anyone know of any recipes that i can cook up a storm with??

Fruit pizza.

I want to make a fruit pizza as a dessert. Traditionally, cream cheese mixed with sugar is used as the sauce, but I hate cream cheese (even if it IS vegan). What would you recommend using instead? Something thick and white (I guess something not white could also be quite pretty) so that it would still be as pretty as all the pictures I have seen. I thought maybe pudding, but I think something thicker and less runny and wet would be better. I don't want the crust to get all soggy (the crust is made from cookie dough). Ideas?

To see a picture of a gorgeous one that someone in a different community made, go here:
Luke Chueh

vanilla soymilk in mashed potatoes?

this may be an odd question, but i just realized that the only soy milk i have is vanilla, but i wanted to make some mashed potatoes...

my instinct says that it would be gross, but i am considering putting some better than sour cream in to make sour cream mashed potatoes...

would using vanilla soymilk just NOT be a good idea? should i just forget making them all together?

(at the moment i dont have transporation to the store to buy regular soymilk)


Eggplant "parmasian"..?

I want to make some eggplant parmisian (minus the cheese, obviously). I've tried this once before just using soymilk to get the bread crumbs to stick instead of eggs, but it didn't work too well. Has anyone tried using Ener-G egg replacer for somethign like this? Are there any other egg substitutes that might work?

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My mom made a really yummy recipe! It tastes like rice pudding. It's so simple! All you do is take cooked brown rice, and boil it with some soy milk. Then you can add any flavorings or dried fruit you want. I usually use sugar and dates or raisins. But, you can be creative with it! It's really healthy as well, if you skip the sugar. ;) You can use Rice Syrup for sweetener as well.
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question about tahini

at my local organic grocer, tahini is available in bulk. i wanted to buy some, but it tasted unlike what i am used to (which is tahini from a can). if i buy it in bulk, what must be added to make it taste like what i'm used to? i thought it was supposed to be creamy, white-ish and somewhat tangy. this was thick, brown and tasted like thick toasted sesame butter (which i suppose in essence it is).

any suggestions are welcome!!

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cheap dehydrators!!

hey for anyone that has been wanting a dehydrator but cant spend a million bux. i found one at walmart for $15. it comes with 5 trays and one liner for making fruit leather. i have already made a bunch of stuff with this and it works wonderfully!!! last night i cut up a bunch of different fruit, persimon, pineapple, papaya, apple, banana, and one tray of applesauce fruitleather. i love this thing!!!
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hey, i was just watching the food network and a plug for came on. he makes chocolate-dipped marshmallows. the marshmallows are corn syrup, water, and sugar so they're vegan- and if you check the site, they have a soy-based caramel and a dairy-free dark chocolate.
just thought i'd let you know!