December 8th, 2004

Are these pumpkins edible?

I bought these pumpkins as Thanksgiving decorations, but now I want to eat them before they go bad...if possible. I'm not sure if they are edible. I bought them at a flower market and they just almost look too pretty too eat--almost like orange, yellow and green tye die. Does anyone know whether or not it would be okay to eat these?

EDIT: They turned out to be sweet dumplling squash. I stuffed them with an Indian lentil stew, and they were delicious!

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This is not as much a comprehensive "recipe" as it is an accident. A wonderful, wonderful accident.


-2 pieces Kontos brand Roghani Nan (or tasty, vegan equivalent. I choosed this brand and type
specifically because it is reasonably pliable, but it won't fall apart. Kind of like slightly fluffier
pita. Pita could be used in its placed if you can't find a good naan bread, but I HIGHLY recommend
naan, especially this brand and product, because of taste, texture, and the fact that it is vegan!
Note: They spell "naan" with one a, as it is in the title above.)
-3 parts Basmati Rice (I use around 1 1/2 cups)
-1 part Chana Masala/Chana Aloo (aka Aloo Mattar, etc. For this recipe, I prefer Patak's
brand "Vegetable Curry - Aloo Mattar Sabzi"; I use about half a cup)
-A little bit of vegan margarine

Cook the rice according to directions. Cook Chana Masala, or equivalent vegan Indian Curry, in separate container according to directions, or your own recipe. Warm Naan in oven. Spread on margarine in a thin layer (a good way to measure is whether you can see the white color of the margarine. If you can after a few minutes, or if there is margarine running off of the naan, there is too much.) Mix the rice and curry a little at a time until the rice is fairly evenly coated.

Using a tablespoon (not the measuring device, but the large type of spoon for which it is named. Your average spoon, but usually a little bigger, so you can serve with it), ladle about half of the mixture onto one side of a piece of the Naan. Close into a folded U-shape, like a taco. Do the same with the rest of the mixture and the other piece of flatbread. Serves 2, or 1, if you're really hungry.

You could probably use another type of Indian curry for this recipe, but Chana Masala/Chana Aloo/Aloo Mattar is quite possibly the best.

This is completely and utterly delicious. The best side dishes? Onion Bhajia, Aloo know, whatever they have at your friendly local Indian Grocery.


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okay. So my boyfriend is REALLY into the morningstar "ground," but it's getting increasingly harder to find. Not only that, but my argument is that TVP is just cheaper.

Does anyone know how to give TVP a good flavor so it's more like the morningstar ground and less bland?

cooking with dill??

I have a ton of fresh dill and I'm just not using it up as fast as I need. I've been chopping it up and putting it on potatoes or putting it in tomato soup. What other yummy things would you suggest that I do with my dill?