December 10th, 2004


Help: tofu, "particular to crispy fried foods"


I'm supposed to be preparing dinner tonite for a friend, and we've agreed on tofu. (He's tried some of the other meat replacements, and found them to be tasty, but bad for digestion. Don't ask me. I find exactly the opposite.)

At any rate, I tried to NEVER eat fried things, and he says "I'm particular to crispy fried foods, so do what thou wilt." I need something super easy and quick, and require no prior action (freezing, paper toweling, ...) though, because I'm going to be stuck in my lab until at least 9 PM. And without any unusual ingredients. I have tofu (firm or extra firm) and usual stuff, and maybe some frozen broccoli that would probably go nicely. Also, if it could be relatively sin free, so I can eat it too, that would be great.

I've been through the archives, and I didn't find anything upon quick inspection that fits the bill. (I've got another 8 hours of lab work, so I didn't read everything.)