December 12th, 2004


Graham Cracker Substitute?

I'm having some friends over for dinner later this week, and I want to make a desert with a graham cracker-style pie crust. However, I don't think we have Graham Crackers in the UK, at least not in the shops I can reach conveniently between now and the dinner. I know I must have tasted graham crackers in the US as a child, but I don't remember what they're like at all! Can someone suggest some other kind of cracker/biscuit to use in the pie crust (the I'm looking at the recipe in How it all Vegan) instead, or point me to a recipe that would produce the same kind of pie crust with easily obtainable ingredients? Thank you!

holiday cooking

what is everyone planning on making for the holidays?

when i get home next week, i am going to go crazy baking!
i am going to make Lasagna and Carrot Cake from How It All Vegan as my first meal.
i also want to try out fruitcake, bicuits, etc.

Asian crepe things?

Ok, you know those things they have at Asian markets where it's like a mix to make little 'thin pancakes' or whatnot? They come in plastic bags with two compartments and the one side looks like rice flour, and the other looks like tumeric?

Does anyone know what's in those or how I could make the crepes without the mix?