December 19th, 2004

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Does anyone have a good shepherd's pie recipe that involves legumes and veggies rather than fake beef and canned stuff? I've checked the memories here; searched various internet sites, and haven't come up with anything.
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Sinfully vegan cookbook

I gave my Grandmother the sinfully vegan cookbook for an early Christmas present. I wanted to show her how eating vegan can be good, specially since she has a sweet tooth, like me. She just called me to tell me how excited she was to start baking and how she went out and bought organic sugar, organic flour, flax meal, vegan margrine, and all these other things.
It was so sweet how excited she was to explore this new world of baking. But now I have to wait a week to find out how her baking experience has been going.
I just had to share with people who would understand.
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My mom made this amazing italian candy recipe. one of the main ingrediants is honey, however. i personally dont mind this, but a lot of people do, so i am including an alternative that i have not tried, but that might work.
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Hi, I thought I would make an introduction. Been Lurking for awhile :), but please don't bite my head off at my introduction...

I'm not exactly vegan, but I've changed since this past march. I wanted to be healthier, I was pretty overweight at 296lbs, and as of today I've officially lost 100. By and large I've done this by cutting out the crap from my diet. One of the first things to go was dairy, which was really hard for me because I loved cheese and I loved milk, but I knew how fatty and bad it can be for you, so it had to go. About in september, I realized that not only had I cut out dairy, but I had virtually cut out all meat aside from fish. I still had the occasional piece of chicken, occasional slice of beef, but nothing major in my opinion.

Aside from tuna now, I don't eat any animal products (by and large, I don't check ingredients as much as I should) but I've never been one to force anything on my family, and I've made a conscious decision that this christmas meal is going to be my very last for eating anything with any kind of animal product in it. It's a lifestyle choice, the past month I've been eating strictly vegetarian with the odd can of tuna thrown in, and to me there's no better reason to go vegan then to live a healthier lifestyle. So really I'm not "vegan" but more "vegan in training" I guess, if that makes any sense. I hope that doesn't offend anybody here, but to me I couldn't just dive right in, I needed to see that I could still eat very good food without any meat at all, I had to learn, and I had to feel like I was ready. I feel I'm ready now, so christmas is officially my last day with any kind of meat/animal products.

But, I had a question. How does everyone feel about cooking non-vegan dishes for others who aren't vegan? To me it's not a big deal, I don't see myself as the kind of person who would bake vegan cookies or make vegan three course meals for everyone simply because it was my lifestyle choice. I don't feel bad in accomodating others. I'd definately be willing to slip them a little something vegan though, but to me it's akin to preaching, and I don't like it when others preach to me, so I can't really fathom doing it to others even if it is just through food. If they're vegan then of course, but if they're not I don't see a problem in serving them real milk chocolate or some chicken or.. well, anything like that. I was just wondering how everyone else thought about this?

*baked* macaroni and cheese...?

hey everyone!

i'm kim, 19, college student; i've been vegan for about a year and a half.

ok, i have absolutely no experience cooking with vegan cheese, but i'm determined to figure out a way to make some yummy baked mac and cheese. i looked through the recipe lists, and while there are quite a few recipes for regular mac and cheese, i didn't see anything about baking it. would i just follow any of those recipes and go ahead and throw it in the oven like you would non-vegan mac and cheese? like i said, i have no experience whatsoever cooking with soy cheese, so i don't know how it works in the oven, etc. i also have no idea about what i should do with nutritional yeast, but i see it mentioned so many times when people ask about cheeses, cheese sauces, mac and cheese, and so forth.

please let me know if you have any ideas, recipes, or links that could help me out! thanks ;o)