December 27th, 2004

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Ok i'm gonna go for it .....

Right, i'm going for it, I'm going Vegan in 2005. I'm already most of the way there, and it's not going to be like when i went "full veggie" (that is, after not being allowed to go veggie and thus only being able to cut out red meat from the ages of 10-16, finally being allowed by mother dearest to go full veggie at the start of 2003 and doing it cold tofu hehe), it's going to carry on in the gradual way that it's been happening for the past few months but by the time i go off to uni in September I'm going to be Vegan all the way (i think that phrase is a result of listening to far too many christmas songs "tofu balls tofu balls vegan all the way" please all sing to the tune of jingle bells and laugh lots lol).
I have a few cookbooks and i've ordered the Vegan Society's Animal Free Shopper but pray do tell ..... If you were going to recommened one vegan cookbook/book to someone going Vegan to help them make a smooth transition what would it be and why?

x-posted just a little but please comment anyways because i want as many opinions as possible please!
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New vegan food blog

I have just created a separate food blog (or "flog") for my baking/cooking/restaurant adventures. I just started posting last night, but I plan to post many entries this week (including pictures, ooooh, aaaaah). I set up a syndication feed for it as well, so if you add it to your friends list, you can see my updates on your friends page. Yay technology!

The name is a play on words- my other website is Monkey Hate Clean (from the SNL skit "Bathroom Monkey"), so this is Monkey Eat Food.

Monkey Eat Food
monkey_eat_food (add it to your friends list here).

Coconut, Curry and Lentil Soup.

I realise my last post didn't really have an introduction about me. I don't know if their mandatory, but that the hell. I'm Mary, I live near London and I'm a 26 3/4 year old law student escaping from nursing, and have only been meat free since last lent (but I felt guilty for so long, so I'm glad I gave it up). I got involved with a really active environmental and human rights group at university called People and Planet, and met people who made me realise that going vegan was the right thing to do, and actually not too difficult. I took the complete plunge 4 months ago after eating cheese made me ill, so I don't miss it too much as my dairy memories arn't too fond. Anyhow, I nicked this recipe off and it is very good. Thought I'd share. Collapse )
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Guess I should say something about myself since I am new to the community. I'm a very new vegan (literally I've been doing this for a month now) in Philadelphia and Whole Foods employee who appreciates her discount very very much:). I'm enjoying the opportunity to cook animal-free and have been loving all my kitchen experiments.

On to my question--is cocoa butter vegan? My usual brand of vegan chocolate chips was out of stock (Sunspire Non-Dairy Chocolate Chips) and while the bag I bought says nothing about milk products, I want to be sure it's vegan before I use it. Someone on here mentioned Scharfen Berger (sp.) chocolate, and it had cocoa butter as well. At the worst, I'll give the bag to someone else or just make non-vegan cookies for my family.

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peanut oil substitutes

hi everyone :)

i've watched this community for awhile and am loving it. i've decided to go vegan in january (my husband and my daughter are iffy about it but i think they will try what i make.)

now onto my question...a lot of recipes i've been looking at require peanut oil. unfortunately, i can't eat anything with peanuts as it's a migraine trigger for me. (oh peanut butter, how i miss thee *sniffle*) i know it's difficult for you to suggest substitutes without seeing specific recipes but i'm mainly referring to sesame or eastern dishes. what would be a good substitute for a novice vegan cook?

thanks all in advance :)
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