December 31st, 2004


Anise is a new vegetable for me, I bought it out of whim and now I want to make it for dinner tomorrow.

But the question is, how do I prepare and make it?

edit: Is anise and fennel the same thing?
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So I bought a little sesame oil tonight to make fried rice for dinner tomorrow. If I'm frying two cups of precooked rice, how much oil should I use in total? I'm thinking using a combination of canola and sesame, since sesame is pricey, I don't have much, and it's got a fairly strong flavor. Any suggestions on the ratio?

Cauliflower appetizer.

A few weeks ago someone brought this amazing cauliflower appetizer to our house. It was just cauliflower florets, served with toothpicks stuck in them in them. My guess is they were probably sauteed in some combination of spices--they had a kind of sweet, curry taste to them.

I have no idea what the recipe was and can't contact the person who brought them, but has anyone ever had anything like this? And if so, do you have a recipe? I really want to try making them. I searched around on the internet and in the memories, but nothing came up.

off topic posting

off topic posting is strongly discouraged in vegancooking.

with all of your help, we can keep politics out of here.

lets keep this community about food, shall we?
(i understand eggs is considered food to some people, but philosophical questions do not belong here.... only posts about recipes and eating vegan food.)

i have frozen all the current threads in this post. it is because politics has been brought into the community that none of you shall finish your conversations on the topic. i did not want to delete the post because there is some good info there.

please keep this community a peaceful place. please?
</angry supercarrot>
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Three questions:

-I've got a handful of packets of dry Lipton vegetable soup mix sitting around, boxless, so I don't know the ingredients. It's the kind that can be made as soup, but that most people mix with sour cream or any number of weird things to make dips and salads and such. I'd really like to make soup with this stuff as a base, but I have no idea what's in it--it's tangy so I'm a little suspicious of dairy or something. And it's New Year's eve, so I can't justify running to the store to check the boxes there, lol. The Lipton websites are no help. Anybody know what's in it?

-While I'd like to cut back on refined sugar, I'm still going to need it from time to time, and I'd like to get my baking-fanatic omni family to make any small transition possible, so: are there any brands of widely available white sugar that specify they are beet sugar, which is never refined with bone char?

-My brother just acquired this huge bag of gummy bears, which stare at me through the plastic of the bag tauntingly. Interestingly, the ingredients list is very specific: "syrup from corn, sugar from beets, water gelatin, sorbitol from fruits and vegetables, citric and malic acids from fruits...vegetable oil, plant wax." Could that curious "water gelatin" thing be agar?! If so, I believe these are vegan gummies.
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Of Pasta Puttanesca and Cold Cucumber Soup

Here we see the most unfortunate Baudelaire orphans Klaus and Violet. They are forced to prepare dinner in a very poorly stocked kitchen. So, they use their ingenuity and scare up some old pasta noodles and some tomato sauce and a couple other things.

And, viola... From such meager ingredients they prepare pasta puttanesca.

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Haven't seen Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events??? You are most unfortunate indeed... What're you waiting for? You're over 15 days late! At least look at the website... Or, rather, maybe it would be in your best interest not to...
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NYE pasta with parsley

I just ate my NYE dinner and it was great! I got the idea from the newsletter. So cheap and so easy!
Chop up a bunch of Italian parsley, some cherry tomatoes (I bet you could use canned tomatoes if the $$ of tomatoes in December is too high for you), and minced a garlic clove. Saute those in olive oil until tomatoes are soft and parsley is wilted. Serve over hot pasta. Garnish with nutritional yeast, olive oil, margarine, or other yummy things if you like. Parsley tastes really quite good when it is cooked this way.

and thanks to everyone who commented on my anemia post!
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asian steamed greens?

at my local co-op, they have the yummiest asian steamed greens in the world. i have tried to replicate them, but to no avail. i tried steaming them with loads of ginger and braggs and garlic, but that didn't work. i seem to be missing some important step that keeps evading me!

as i live in the american south, greens are a big thing.

anyone have any recipe ideas so i can wow everyone at brunch tomorrow with my amazing vegan greens?

Non-tofu soymulation ice cream: wanted

I'm wanting to freeze up some desserts (have ice cream maker) and, as i scan the available recipes in this archive and elsewhere (looked in 4 books and dozens of websites), it seems that they ALL have silken tofu in them. (that is, the soy recipes all have soy milk and tofu; coconut milk recipes don not). We are debating why-- is it to make it thicker? to keep it from becoming a rock? because everybody's doing it? The commercial frozen veg prducts have guar gum, carrageenan/irish moss, agar agar and/or soy lecithin in them, but i haven't seen any home recipes that do. I'll probably be doing some experimenting, but I'm curious what others have encountered on this matter.
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