January 5th, 2005

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1yr Culinary Program

If you are interested in culinary school, then this is the place for you. Or if you are ill or have someone close to you who is sick you can learn how to heal while you learn to cook! I go to this school and it's the best decision I could make for myself! It's truly amazing what I have learned and the ways in which I've changed. All the info you need is below. Feel free to email me with questions or call Dawn to set up an appointment. Austin is a wonderful place if you have never been before. Tell them Christy Morgan sent you!

Beginning in 2005 we are offering a ONE-YEAR PROGRAM for SUPPORT, EDUCATION, and INSPIRATION for any student who wishes to join. In the Yearlong Program you will enjoy many benefits, including:

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The Natural Epicurean
1701 Toomey Road
Austin, Texas 78704 USA

store: 512/476-2276
cell: 512/658-4975
fax: 512/692-1845
email: Dawn@NaturalEpicurean.com
web: www.NaturalEpicurean.com

Pani Popo (Samoa)

:-) earlier this morning, an unnamed community member accidentally posted hir personal entry here. one of the comments resulted in the posting of a recipe, so just in case some of you wanted to try the recipe, i am reposting it for you. (it DOES sound interesting)

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color theory in action
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(no subject)

OOPS!!!! sorry everyone, i was wondering why that silly entry didnt show up in my journal!
so to make up for it...
i ate a really delicious rice salad last night

cooked brown rice
italian dressing

and now i can eat this rice salad in the back of my truck without the popo getting mad at me, thank you thank you

Stainless Steel Cookware

This isn't really a vegan question, but I'm vegan, and I know a lot of you have a lot of info about a lot of things. I posted about this to some other groups, but didn't get a lot of help.

I got some stainless steel (beautiful Kitchenaid red) pans for Xmas, and I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on using them? I really messed up the other day, but I got some Bar Keeper's friend (miracle!) and it fixed the mess and made it shiny and pretty again.

Basically, I've been using nonstick my whole life, so I just need any information you might have. The friend who gave them to me is a chef's apprentice, so she helped a bit. I know to preheat it, then put the oil in, then heat the oil, then put the food in. I fried some tofu this afternoon and it worked pretty well.

What foods should I not cook in them? I've read eggs are the only thing, but that's not an issue. What about potatoes? All I've used them for is tofu twice and a veggie burger. What do I need to know about other foods? Most of the info online seems to be about meat.

I'm pretty excited about possibly getting away from non-stick at some point, because I've read on here some of the problems with it.

Thanks for any help you might have!!! I love this community!
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My cookies have arrived!

My cookies for the cookie swap have arrived! They actually arrived yesterday- kudos to the US Postal Service for delivering the package in one day! I was the lucky recipient of Russian teacakes from cailin_t, which survived the trip beautifully and were incredibly tasty. I'm so glad that the recipe was included because I will definitely make these in the future.

Thank you cailin_t, and thank then person who had the idea for the cookie swap! I'll be making mine to send off this weekend :)

russian teacakes / cookie swap

no problem, misfit.. and i'll post the recipe below. ;)

also, i really enjoyed making the cookies to send to someone else, and can't wait for mine! i'm very interested in making this a monthly thing for me - kinda a cookie-swapping club, and was wondering if people are interested in that idea, and if the person originally responsible for the swap was interested in heading this on a monthly basis? if not, i would like to take it on, as i already have 10 people that are interested whose information i have. yay, cookies!

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Cookie Swap

Well I love the idea behind the Cookie Swap, I'm a little tried of having so many posts about it. Perhaps there is a need for a vegan Cookie Swap community. Where everyone involved can check in, let people know when they got yumyums, and all that. Be sure to post the recipes in vegan cooking that get used in the Cookie Swap!
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Cookie Swap

Just as an FYI, I have been felled by A Nasty Bug, so my Cookie Swap contribution will be a bit late - probably next week, when I'm not contagious. I'm not dropping out of the swap!