January 9th, 2005

  • n0rmx

My new fryer...

Hey I just got a new Deep Fryer...any suggestions for using it?And while I am posting I would like to thank this community for making me a better cook but most importantly a better Vegan!!You guys rock!!!

(no subject)

I'm a baker at a natural foods store.. and mostly we make vegan stuff, but we do have some nonvegan things, that I would really really like to veganize but need some help!
Mainly we have this great turnover recipe, so easy and simple and the only unvegan thing is the butter in the fruit mix (which is easily replaced with margarine..) and then we have the dough for the crust premade, comes frozen. We have this one vegan kind but it does not get light and flaky at all. It's actually pretty dense and hard to chew sometimes... reminds me of unflaky buiscuits. gross.
So does anyone know anything about yummy vegan flaky but nonbuttery dough?

Also, I get merit raises for recipes that I propose and sell really well... so if everyone could link me/or show me your favorite baked good recipe (sweet or not) I would really really appreciate it!

Is there a veganbaking group?

(no subject)

Ok, so I just saw a post for wheat-free vegan scones, and I was about to e-mail it to a friend when it disappered. Could someone who saw it/the original poster leave it in a comment for me? Thanks!