January 13th, 2005

clam chowder...

So thoughts on clam chowder imitations?
My boyfriend has been craving it, and I've come down to two recipes to work with:

The big difference is the addition of dried hijiki and some vital wheat gluten to one recipe for extra nautical flavor, which makes me lean towards it. However, I haven't experimented with sea vegetables and am wary of the outcome, has anyone used them similarly for a 'sea' flavor?
Any vegan clam chowder recipes tested?
Basically I'm just looking for advice here, or perhaps some enthusiasm to just go ahead and make the hijiki recipe : )
happy as a clam chowder and clam-less chowder recipe ingrediants:
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On ur island

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I'm looking to make this pumpkin bread recipe to take back to school with me, but I haven't got any flax meal lying around and it wouldn't be practical at the moment to buy any. I'm assuming it's just used as an egg substitute, so I can use tofu instead, yes? If so, how many eggs' worth is this?
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saved the day

thanks to everyone who helped me rescue my tofu the other day. i ended up scrambling it, stirfrying the veg separately [baby corn, capsicum, carrots, snow peas] & serving it up over rice noodles with the leftover mango coriander marinade as sauce. it was pretty good, but i think next time i want firm tofu for my stirfry!

anyone in the UK know where to get firm tofu? i live in a small town with no asian supermarkets, one wholefoods shop, a holland&barrett plus all manner of major supermarkets. sainsbury's seems to only have the silken kind [and they've stopped stocking nut roast, the buggers].

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hey! i've been watching this community for a while now and it's encouraging me to make the slow transition to veganism.  i've been vegetarian for about 3 1/2 years, but i still live at home and the rest of my family is omni so it's kinda difficult.  i love cooking so i look forward to getting/posting recipes! i have a question tho...are jelly belly jelly beans vegan??? we have a huge jar at home and there are some questionable ingredients in the "may contain" list, does this mean that only some flavors have them? if so does anyone know which ones?  i hope there are still some flavors that are ok as jelly beans are one of my favorite candies!  thanks!


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I adjusted a Chana Masala recipe from Veg Web (to the point that it's not really the same recipe) and it produced this:

Vegan Chana Mumbai Masala
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This produces a sorta-creamy and slightly (though not very) spicy masala and is pretty damned good for you. To make spicier, add in chopped pepers with the curry and tomato paste or throw in a few dashes of hot sauce (Thai chili sauce would be especially good).

Next time, I think I'll cook it with some spinach, too.

Alfredo, no-fredo

Tonight or tomorrow night, I want to make pasta with a faux alfredo sauce - I'm planning on using garlic, margarine, flour, and soymilk to accomplish this. I'm also thinking of adding parsley (green is my favorite color, so a green alfredo sauce would be exciting), maybe pine nuts, maybe lemon juice, and white pepper. I can't get silken tofu or nutritional yeast in my hometown, so those things are out. I want to crust a slab of tofu with cornflakes or other breading and fry it, then put it on top of the pasta with some of the sauce. Sounds good in theory, but I have no idea how it will taste... so, I have questions:

Can you suggest amounts of everything I should use?
Should I use unsweetened or regular soymilk?
Is this even going to taste good?
How do I get the breading to stick to the tofu? Dip in soymilk first?

Thank you!!
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Have been reading a bit about oils today, which brings me to my question...

What type of oil do you cook with? And why do you choose it? (eg taste, health etc).
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Duncan Hines

Hey. I have a couple questions.
You know those Duncan Hines brownie mixes? Well, I would like to try one. Now, I normally like to do my own baking from scratch, but I just really want some brownies that are really brownie-like. First of all, does anyone know if the "Chewy Brownie" ones are vegan? I think they are, but I only had a chance to glance at the box, AND the ingredients were in Dutch, so I could have missed something. And, my other question: Will using ener-g instead of the 2 eggs it calls for still result in a chewy, brownie-like brownie? All the vegan brownies I have ever made were just off--too cakey. I don't really know if there is actually anything in the box mixes that would make a difference, so I worry it really just might be the eggs. I'd like to try this soon. Is anyone able to help? Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks, everyone, for the recipes and advice! You have definitely put me on the road to brownies! I think that, before I mess with box mixes (I don't really like the idea of using it anyway) I will try some of the recipes you gave me. Thanks again!
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flavored vegan marshmallows

ever since the recent flurry of vegan marshmallow posts, i have been talking myself into trying some again. this time i am more prepared as my darling mom bought me my very own kitchenaid stand mixer. i have emes pineapple flavored gel in the cupboard and thought i might try using this instead of plain. am i cruisin' for a bruisin'? i figure i can make rice crispy squares with it or vanilla whoopi pies or some such thing.

anyone try such a thing?
Roly Poly

Spicy sweet potato soup

This is soooooo good! A long time ago I read a post by legalmoose describing an ongoing event he hosts called Soup Night, and after all these months I've finally started my own Soup Night. Here's what I made for tonight. Day-um is it good! The soup is from Very Vegetarian (with a few modifications), and the cilantro cream is modified from The Millennium Cookbook. Sorry, no picture because it frankly looks kind of ugly, at least the way I made it. But ignore that and make this!

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I tried cooking with tempeh for the first time, today. I stir-fried it with mushrooms, green peppers, and onions. I also added some soy sauce and vegetable broth and ate it over rice.

It was alright, but sort of bland.
Is there any sort of sauce I could make to put over stir-fry?

ethiopian cooking

does anyone have any experience cooking this at home? i have just started recently eating the cuisine, and a few weeks ago while in minneapolis i picked up some bulk (premixed) ethiopian spices. all i do with those is add some fresh onion and grlic and boil them down with split lentils, collards, etc. and voila. the spice combinations are spices that i normally cook with, but i cant even begin to imagine the ratios of each one to the other. for instance, the berbere spice is extremely extremely spicey, and i use cayenne in all of my indian cooking and it doesnt get nearly as spicey. any suggestions? or is it trial and error like indian cooking? theyre very similar... cheers!

Oatmeal Coconut Bars

If you can figure out some way to make the crust less crumbly, then this recipe would be the perfect treat. I end up slightly freezing it after baked, then cutting it into bars and wrapping them up before they dethaw. I suppose I could try a different crust.

From the back of the Sunspire Vegan Carob Chips Bag:

1 1/2 cups uncooked oatmeal
2 Tbsp. melted margarine or vegetable oil (I use oil)
1/4 cup maple syrup

1 cup carob chips
1/2 cup chopped walnuts or pecans
1 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup maple syrup
1 tsp. vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix oatmeal, maple syrup and melted butter or oil together thoroughly. Press mixture evenly over bottom of lightly oiled 8-inch square baking pan. Stire together carob chips, nuts, coconut, maple syrup, and vanilla. Spread evenly over oatmeal crust. Bake for 25 minutes, until golden brown. Remove from oven and let stand until cool. Cut into bars and enjoy!