January 16th, 2005

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Hiiiii, I`m new the community. I`m not a full on vegan but for almost 4 years now I haven`t been eating any meats. Although, I still consume eggs and dairy products (sad, I know). But because of the household I live in, it`s really hard for me to get a hold of healthy alternatives (I`m a poor ass college student).

What`s your guys' healthy (and affordable) alternatives to eggs and dairy products?

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i have a bag a carob chips i want to turn into cookies. I love carob, but find it to be a lot sweeter then chocolate, so i have a feeling if i just switch the carob and chocolate around in my usuall chocolate chip cookie recipie, it will seem a little funky.

and recommendations for a good carob chip recipe? my kitchen is pretty well stocked for once, and i am up for trying anything!

i did try looking in the cookie index, but, with 113 recipies in there, it is a bit overwhelming.
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i'm in the middle of making oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies, and i don't have enough vegetable oil. the recipe asks for 1 c. canola/vegetable oil, and i have around 1/2 c. vegetable oil. i have a bunch of other oils, including sunflower, and olive oils. what should i use? should i use melted earth balance?

please, help!

sugarfree desserts.

My grandmother is going on a low-calorie, sugarfree diet and she has the biggest sweet tooth out of anyone I know. She's always been the biggest fan of my baking and I would really like to find and make some low-calorie, sugar-free desserts for her to enjoy.

I only found this post in the memories under "sugarfree desserts." Anyone have any ideas / recipes / places to start?



I've been a vegetarian for just over a year and my long-time vegan mother has recently (a few months ago) convinced me to eliminate dairy products and eggs from my diet. (The thought of eating unborn chicken membrane grosses me out anyway, so that hasn't been difficult.)
Since she has been vegan my entire life I grew up drinking soy and rice milk, and eating "fake-meats." But my dad bbq's just about every night, so there is diversity in our house. Heh.

That being said, I'm all about living a healthy life.

After looking through recipes in this community I noticed that a lot of them contain margarine. I grew up hearing my mother say she'd rather have us eat butter and die of heart failure than eat margarine and get cancer so I 1)can't stand the stuff and 2)am pretty freaked out by it and hydrogenated/trans-fats in general.

What do you think? Margarine is vegan, but is it healthy?
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