January 18th, 2005


potluck time!

so i'm throwing a potluck at my house on thursday (any of you in new york are welcome to stop by, just get in touch).

anyway, i'm making a chocolate cake with peanut frosting (i just made it now to make sure i can do it right, no longer living at high altitude):


2 cups sugar
1 3/4 cup four
1 cup cocoa
~1 1/2 tsp baking powder
~1 1/2 tsp baking soda
~1 tsp salt
1 banana, mashed
3/4 - 1 cup water
1/3 cup oil
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup boiling water

mix together, first the dry, then adding the liquids. plus more flour is necessary.

bake at 350 for 35 minutes....my oven doesn't work right so it took like 45 or more minutes, i just kept an eye on it and took it out when it was done.


1 cup confectionary sugar
1 cup peanut butter
3/4 cup water

heat on stove, stirring until blended. let sit for about 30 seconds or until it starts to thicken. cook for another 30 seconds, stirring together, then remove from heat.

when frosting and cake are cooled, paint cake with frosting and serve!

it tastes sort of like a peanut butter cup, in cake form.

i'm also making either a chili, or this butternut squash and roasted garlic soup. i'll post the recipe(s) when i decide which to make. i'm real neurotic when it comes to serving people food, especially when it's vegan food prepared for non-vegans, so i always gotta make a batch a day or two before to make sure i did it right.

sorry i don't have any pictures, i don't have a camera.

do any of you have good potluck suggestions, or things you bring to potlucks most often?
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I tend to feel better in the mornings when I eat a high protein breakfast. However, I am getting rather tired of eating pinto beans. Does anyone here have any suggestions of a high protein breakfast? I would like to avoid cereals and grains b/c they seem to slow me down. Also, I am a bit sensitive to soymilk and tofu but tempeh etc. would be okay. THANKS

Earth Balance.

I went to Trader Joe's today for the first time, and while I was picking up some soy milk I noticed this other kind of earth balance I had never seen before. Soy garden? What's it for? Like what's the difference? It was a little cheaper that the other tub...

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Failed Recipe: Mini Flourless Chocolate Cakes

The almonds that I posted last night were supposed to accompany some flourless mini chocolate cakes as a present….sadly, the almonds will be alone. While the mini cakes tasted fine, there were some major problems with the baking that rendered them unshippable (since this present was going to be shipped via USPS, portability is a key).

Collapse )

The lack of flour and the reliance on eggs to make these rise posed a challenge indeed; I wanted to use a combination of flax seeds and Ener-g for thickening and (hopefully) levity. Instead, the mini cakes barely rose and caved in in the middle. The tops and edges were cooked, but the bottoms were still raw. On the cooked tops a lot of the liquid had collected and was bubbling away. Even with the caved-in tops, they could have been salvaged if only the bottoms were cooked longer. However, if I had kept these in the oven any longer, the eges would have become burnt.

I shoved them into the fridge, hoping that an overnight rest would help solidify them. It did, but not enough to have them withstand shipping (or presenting to someone as a gift, at that). Taste-wise, they were great! Even the gooey bottoms were yummy. A lot of the Grand Marnier had cooked out so the taste was subtle.

I am not giving up on perfecting this recipe! To be continued…..

"shrimp" balls...?

I know I've heard someone mention these before, and probably on here, but I couldn't find it in the index. I bought a whole bunch of meat substitutes at an Asian market a few days ago, one of which was "shrimp" balls. There are no preparation instructions on the package, so I just thawed them in the microwave, then browned them in a little bit of olive oil.

They were the worst things I've ever put in my mouth, ever.

Anyone know a good way to cook these, or is the best place for them the trash?

Easy crockpot lasagna

So here's a super easy lasagna-y meal:

1 pound of soft tofu
1 package of lasagna noodles
1 jar of spaghetti sauce

The lasagna noodles I used were the no-cook kind and it worked perfectly. Put all the ingredients in the crockpot and set it on low for the day. (Or high for about 3-4 hours). Everyone knows that day-old lasagna is the best because all the flavors are melded so crockpotting this has the same effect.

If you want to jazz it up a bit add soy crumbles, an onion, some chopped garlic, or spinach. Or make it "mexican" lasagna by using salsa instead of tomato sauce, and adding black beans and corn--so tasty!

P.S. Break up the lasagna noodles!

TOFU, foo!

Okay i have never ever in my life cooked Tofu but i want to learn to live, like, and love it but the thing is i have no idea how to cook it. Do you any of you have simple and i stress simple yummy recipes that include tofu that a fist timer could make easily and taste yummy to boot?? i went to whole foods and was so confused at what to buy..i mean there are SO many different kinds. So any advice on which to buy, which is the yummiest and how to cook it?
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