January 21st, 2005

THIN and CRISPY crust pizza

i am so tired of being told by people that their pizza dough recipe comes out thin and crispy, only to try it and find my mouth filled once again with FLUFFY DOUGHY pizza crust! not that i think fluffy pizza crust isn't yummy, when my mouth is in the mood. but today it isn't.

can anyone share their tried, tested and true recipe for pizza dough that will bake up nice and crusty and thin? please. we want to make this for dinner tonight so quick responses most appreciated and garner you many kudos from my pizza-obsessed family.

thank you in advance.

powdered soy milk, fixing consistancy?

i've got some powdered soymilk, and i accidentally got the 'light' kind. the flavor isn't great, but i'm poor and would like to eat some cereal. i have a problem with mixing this with water and it still being...powdery. like, if i put it in a glass, it leaves a film that is not the same liquidy consistancy as regular soymilk, but you can see the little non dissolved parts suspended in the mixed soymilk. has anyone had luck using powdered soymilk? any tips? is there any way to get it to more of a regular soymilk consistancy, or do i just deal with what i've got?