January 23rd, 2005

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Suddenly I'm obsessed with teas, especially green tea. I made rice the other day using green tea instead of plain water and it gave a nice subtle flavor. I also plan to try the green tea soy ice cream as they carry it at this two-horse town's supermarket (!!!). (I know it's so totally trendy to use tea to flavor things lately, but mmmm, so yummy.) Any other hints on what can be done with tea in cooking/baking etc?

Also: I like to drink tea, mostly herbal/fruity, but I'd like to try acquiring the taste of drinking green tea. Unfortunately I find the bitterness kind of difficult to get over. What's the longest you recommend steeping a bag and what add-ins do you like?
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I'm broke, but I neeeeeed cake. Can I make anything with this;

Wholewheat flour
Soymilk/vanilla soymilk
Baking soda/powder/vanilla sugar

I have no chocolate and stuff, just this. It just needs to be sweet, then its fine. I need a fix. :o)

Can anything come out of my ingredients?
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low fat recipes

Hi all, i think this is my first post to this community, so i hope this isn't a silly question.
I really need to get myself into shape, and i'm looking for some really low fat recipes to help with this, along side exercise and no snacking etc, and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas?
I'm a bit of a cake and curry type vegan, which is really not very good for me, but sadly it's really rather cold up here, so i'm not very inclined to eat salady type things.
I think some soups and stews might be what i'm looking for, or other warming wintery foods

Thanks, and yay for all the dessert recipes in this community, though i won't be trying any of them just yet!

cocktail sauce. and old bay bread?

first post here, vegan since august.

when i was at the beach with my family this summer, they were eating shrimp with cocktail sauce.
i became saddened at the idea of not eating cocktail sauce (ketchup + horseradish) anymore, save off of my fingers.
so i came up with the idea of an old bay-flavored bread, to dip in cocktail sauce.
(shrimp with old bay + cocktail sauce - shrimp + bread = yum?)
i think it would be good, but i am a native marylander, and old bay is in my blood, quite possibly.

any other ideas for the use of cocktail sauce that i am missing?
or any comments relating to bread recipes or further extension of this idea?

i just remembered this because my family had shrimp again last night.
if i make this, i will let you know what happens.
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i am looking for a particular recipe.
it was in good housekeeping 2 years ago and was by far the best stew i have ever had.
it was a sweet potato stew, it was sweet but very spicy. it had only the tiniest bit of curry in it. i think it had yellow raisins also. it was to be served over couscous.
i made the recipe that long ago, and have been craving it ever since. anyone know what it is or have had it?
EDIT: i am silly, i didnt know that goodhousekeeping had recipe archives. i just checked there. ITS NOT THERE!!!!!! :(
EDIT AGAIN: maybe it was in BetterHomes and Gardens?
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wanted: pulled fudge recipe

After a friend's (lactoveg) fudge party last night, I find myself wanting to find a vegan pulled fudge recipe. The closest I've found in my cookbooks or online is this one, which calls for beating it until it stiffens, which is close.

The trick with pulled fudge, after watching the process once, seems to be to keep working it until the sugar in the fudge starts to crystalize. Will that work the same with the usual lacto- substitutions (soy milk for dairy, and margarine for butter)?

Alternatively, do you have a vegan pulled fudge recipe?
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Peanut butter and jelly oatmeal bars

I decided today to make this recipe for oatmeal bars, but using homemade grape jelly instead of the raspberry preserves. Once they were in the oven, I thought to myselt "I'll bet these would be good with peanut butter on top!" So, once the bars cooled for a bit, I microwaved some peanut butter to soften it and help it melt and become thinner. Apparently no-sugar added natural peanut butter doesn't do that because it became a thick glob! I just added some water and spread it like icing onto the bars.

It was an awesome taste combination of peanut butter, jelly and oatmeal. Woooooooo. Thank you moanaeyez for the recipe and thanks to xletsgetcrunkx for posting it.

EDIT: I took a picture, before it's all gone!
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Not necessarily a 'vegan' question, since all forms of this recipe that I've seen are already vegan, but...

How do you all make peanut sauce? I looked it up on google and every recipe that I found used almost entirely different ingredients (aside from, of course, peanut butter). I made some peanut sauce and white rice but the results were a bit watery and bland (I added more peanut butter to thicken it, but it still didn't have that really bold flavor that good peanut sauce has). Aside from going spicy, any ideas? Any key ingredients I should be sure to add next time?

i desperately need to impress my family with american style goods. must redeem kitchen godliness.

okay, so after reading a lot of Andrew Weil i have been cooking with entirely whole wheat flour. well, i was actually convinced through findings unrelated to the vegan diet but by his views of dairy that i felt went along with my own to go Vegan. so i try to keep things microbiotic when i can by using brown rice and whole wheat when any variety is called for.
so, i have not tried baking anything vegan without whole-wheat flour because i'm so freaked out by bleached flour. my mom got me some plain un-bleached flour and now that i have it i'm wondering how drastic the difference will be?
before my cookies were very bran-muffin-ie (not that i mind at all, i'm a big fan of the texture) but other people dont like to eat my baking and stuff because they aren't used to that type of flour.. so, my big question is - will i have better luck getting people to eat my cookies with the un-bleached flour? does un-bleached give it a more 'regular' taste? I really want people to get a better idea of vegan cooking as a whole and not the vegan-microbiotic take on it before they dismiss my beautiful cookies! >_< yeah this is all about my cookie esteem. i need help with this un-bleached flour thing. how do i make my vegan desserts more 'american' friendly?
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Another yummy lentil stew

I have a great lentil stew I think I am going to make if I can't sleep:
2 c. Brown lentils
3 carrots, sliced
2 stalks celery
4 medium red potatos
1 broccoli crown, chopped
1 can corn
1/2 lb. fresh green beans
1 medium zuccini squash, sliced
1 medium yellow squash, sliced
2 c. vegetable broth (last time i used the no-chicken broth and it was even more yummy)
2 bay leaves
3 cloves garlic, minced

All I do is sautee the garlic in a little olive oil, then I just throw all the veggies in the pot with the broth and let it all simmer about 45 minutes. It does get rather mushy but I like it that way. Very soothing in cool weather and when you are sickly. It does make a LOT but I like to make a batch up so i can eat off it all week long.

Now for some new ideas from ya'll - anything you think I could add to this to vary it a bit? I was thinking about adding pasta or some beans but i don't know. I also don't currently have any bay leaves. Anything I could throw in there spice wise to give it some flavor?
Yum stew.

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