February 1st, 2005

  • marila

(no subject)

my boyfriend and i are switching to veganism (as much as possible).
so we would like to clean out our kitchen, to make it free of animal products.
does anyone have a good recommendation as to where i could donate this food?
i would feel horrible throwing it away.
i could eat it but i would rather not.
as of this point in time i have no idea how much there is, probably not much.
thanks for any ideas!

(no subject)

Has anybody here sucessfully made seitan from scratch? I've seen it in stores, but it's so expensive to buy...

I've read a couple recipes and it seems dreadfully labor-intensive, especially if it isn't going to come out right. If anybody has a recipe that they know works, I'd be very greatful.

Also, what is the benefit of using Bragg's instead of soy sauce? Does it taste better?