February 2nd, 2005

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I have a package of phyllo sitting in my freezer at home and I'd like to use it before it's "expired". I've had it since mid-December, and it probably hadn't been in the grocer's case very long, so how much time do you think I'd have left?

I'd like to make mini pumpkin pies (and no, I don't care what month it is ^_~) for my friends. It appears that phyllo, "buttered" with cooking spray, makes for an excellent and healthier pumpkin pie crust; and according to this page, mini tart shells can be made in cupcake tins. Do you think I could line them with cupcake papers, or should I just stick them in the papers when they're finished for serving?

The filling I have in mind is from this recipe, which is the best frickin' pumpkin pie ever and pretty much the only thing I can bake without totally botching. However, I did need to leave it in the oven for an awfully long time, and I'm afraid the phyllo will burn--somehow the last crust (standard flour-shortening pastry) didn't. I guess I should follow the note and add the egg replacer to speed up cooking time? Also, should I alter the cooking time in any way based on the fact that I'm making a bunch of mini pies as opposed to one big one, or should I just eyeball it? Any other advice you can give on phyllo is quite appreciated.

tofu sick...

hey everyone! im still a kinda new vegan and i have a few questions...i hope you guys could help me out a bit.

1. is it possible for tofu to be bad? like can you get sick from it if you dont cook it enough or if it's just bad once in a while. but what do you say?

2. i'm getting sick of eating just plain grilled tofu. i dont really like to frying it because i dont like fried foods or even breaded. does anyone have any suggestions of things to make with light, firm tofu?? some interesting dish that's different from the ordinary grilled tofu on a salad or something?

thank you guys so much!
i'm really loving this community, all of the recipes i've tried so far are amazing!!
thanks again!!!

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Dahl - measurement conversion question....


I am trying to make this dahl recipe. I think I have it right that 200g of lentils is about 7 ounces, but when they say a "pint and a quarter" of water - what does that mean? A pint I know is two cups. Does that mean 2 1/4 cups. Or is that some reference to a quart? I've never made lentils or dahl before so I'm not sure how much water it needs.

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What is a good way to prepare eggplant? I really want to make it good and taste fresh for valentines day. my boyfriend is a meat eater and isnt a big fan of most eggplant dishes, unless its done really well. so thats my goal. any suggestions?


I made artichoke puffs today using filo dough, and as usual I have a bunch of sheets that crumbled up beyond use for what I was making. Does anyone have any recipes that use filo dough in non-sheet form?
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i have a stupid question and i can't find a straight answer anywhere.
what does the "Circle UD" mean? The food label on the corner of packages.
the U with the circle around it and sometimes followed by a D.
it's related to kosher but does it mean there isn't dairy in it?
is it necessarily vegan?


you guys are going to love this...

my family has potluck style gatherings 2-3 times a year and i've envied my mother for so long because she never let me cook for them, not because i'm a vegan but because she's territorial and strange. My Aunt has just found out that her daughter, my cousin is lactose intolerant. They have been vegetarian for as long as i've known them, but now they are going semi-vegan because it's a health issue and my cousin just wants to give up eggs and milk but not yet cheese. anyway long story short my grandmother got wind of all of this and is hip to how healthy the vegan lifestyle is. I can't get this through my head, it's amazing, i've been honored. The matriarch of the family has especially asked my mother to ask little ol' me to prepare some vegan desserts for the party coming up in 2 weeks!!! ^____________^
here's my question. and this is a fun one. can you please give me some recipes that will make the palates of vegans and non-vegans extremely fat and happy? I'm also thinking of buying the book 'sinfully vegan,' have you guys had good experience with the recipes in it?

i am so excited, you have no idea!! Eeeeeee!!


Okay, I am in the process of making seitan as we speak using the PPK recipe. I really do urge everyone to make it if you haven't b/c it is really fun. This recipe is extremely quick and easy and it is amazing how the wheat gluten flour instantly turns into a mushy meat alternative! I guess I am easily amused after watching the State of the Union address for an hour..
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