February 4th, 2005

once you go braggs?

I have to admit, I'm staying with family for a while, and I miss my braggs! You know, regular soy sauce or tamari just doesn't satisfy me the same way anymore...
I also wasn't thrilled about braggs at first, but gave it a chance and gradually it became a staple in my marinades.
I'm so tempted to buy some, but alas I'm cheap and bragg's is much cheaper where I live.

A call for okara recipes!

So, I belong to this food co-op and we make our own soy milk weekly, resulting in an excess of okara*. I was commissioned by the group to find a use for said okara. In flipping through cookbooks, I've found that the practice of making ones own soymilk must have gone out of style as of late, as the only cookbooks that contain okara recipes are ones published circa 1970. I looked through the community archives and found a scant selection of tried and true recipes. So, I know there are soy milk makers in this crowd, there've got to be! So come out of the wood work and give me yummy, simple, and inexpensive recipe ideas! As always, the ones you've tried and liked are the ones I want.

Note: For some reason, the okara we produce in the co-op tends to be pretty wet and watery compared to other okara that I've seen. You might want to keep that in mind when recommending recipes to me.

Thanks in advance for your help!

*okara is the soy pulp left over from the soy milk making process.

whyyyyy!!!/Italian Recipe

Why did they close the Soul Veg in Cleveland??? The only awesome thing that's there any more is Big Fun.

As not to make this post entirely about what Cleveland has left to offer...I give you a yummy Italian desert that my dad makes...and Giada De Laurentiis makes (this is her recipe with two alterations and it's much easier than my fathers)

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Ricotta Cheese Alternative?

In trying to veganize this manicotti recipe from Mori-Nu’s website for dinner, I need to find an alternative to ricotta cheese. I called my local health foods store and they don’t carry vegan ricotta. I appreciate any suggestions.

Here are the ingredients:
12 manicotti shells
1 cup fat-free ricotta cheese
1 package Mori-Nu Silken Lite Extra Firm Tofu
1 package spinach, chopped fine
4 Tbsp. onion, chopped fine
1 26 oz. jar of pasta sauce
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Vegetable Lo Mein Recipe?

I looked through the memories section and I didn't find anything like this... so I was wondering if anyone had a vegetable lo mein recipe.

I came across this one online and I think it would work out with vegetable broth, but spaghetti in it? For some reason I don't think those would be the right type of noodles to use. I would like something that resembles the same thing I get at a Chineese restaurant, but I'm not sure what kind of noodles to use.

I also found this one which just says "fresh noodles," but doesn't specify what kind. (I think the first one I found sounds better and more what I'm looking for compared to this one.)

Anyone have some input or recipes?

On ur island

(no subject)

Between being homesick for St Louis cuisine and reading pandora_13's lovely eggplant pepper spread recipe, I got a craving for some good baba ghannouj. I realize I can google for recipes, but what are your particular favorites?

EDIT: Would anyone recommend using sumac? I'm slightly in love with sumac.
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(no subject)

Just a follow-up to this post with the recipe for potato soup -

I made it last night and it was very good! At first I thought it should be an appetizer soup, and not a meal soup, but I had one small bowl and I was so full!

The recipe makes a lot, so single people like me might want to halve the recipe, unless you don't mind eating it for a few days.

Today, I took the leftover, which was still a lot, and I added a box of frozen spinach, about a cup of frozen peas, and a block of frozen tofu, cut into small cubes, and reheated it.


easy meals and snack food

so i've been relegated to the cook for my family (or at least the one to pick out what to make) what are meals that are very easy, and relativly quick to make. (none of us have much time or energy to cook) (also as a note, i'm vegan but the rest of my family is vegitarian, they're happy to eat vegan though, also i can't eat peppers (the vegitable, the spice is fine)

also, i get hungry at school during the day all the time and was wondering if people had any good snack food ideas that can be eaten during class. thanks!

(no subject)

It was my flatmate's birthday on Wednesday and I offered to cook him a meal...

He asked for 'that peanutty thing you made yourself the other day', so I made gado gado with a couscous salad and a green salad (recipes here, followed by a chocolate cake with maple-syrup-chocolate-pecan icing! Collapse )

Well, my flatmate was pleased anyway :)

vegan cookzine out now!

EAT YER VEGGIES (formerly "eat yer goddamn veggies or i'll f-n' kill you!!") #4 IS OUT NOW! the comfort food issue.

20 vegan recipes, plus nutritional information for various fruits and vegetables, measurement conversions, and more.

get 'em while they're hot, kids.

for best results, send a request along with a dollar (to cover printing and postage) to carolyne mistake/315 seigel st #311/brooklyn, ny/11206

otherwise, i'll just plain forget, if i don't have an envelope telling me i gotta.

or, if you're in new york city, just leave me a message and i can give you one in person!
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