February 5th, 2005

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Searching for a chocolate cake

I'm making a chocolate cake for my neighbour's birthday tomorrow and I was planning on my usual recipe until I remembered I post I'd seen on here of an amazingly lush and rich looking chocolate cake. It was a layered cake with a filling that had (if I remember correctly) maraschino cherries but I cant seem to find it it the recipe index. The picture looked delectable with a slice removed to show the layers and filling. Can anyone remember the post I'm talking about?

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Hey guys.. I found a recipe for chocolate peanut butter balls, and it includes shredded carrots. This sounds weird to me. Has anyone ever tried it? Do you have any idea what I could use instead of shredded carrots?? Collapse )

Thanks : )
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Weird train of thought just now, and an even more strange set of events

Check this out:

I was sitting on my bed leaning against the wall while gnawing on a great Italian vinaigrette/guacamole salad when I started bunching some baby spinach into a pile with my fork (This gets more interesting than boring -bear with me a sec). Anyways, after I mashed it down a little, I cut into the pile as one would a piece of pie or something. The appearance of this all reminded me of something I was trying to recall in a conversation with someone on Friday -quiche.

For some reason, I could not think of that word earlier. The conversation was about what / how we would teach certain people to cook something easy yet keep it vegan. So, after I was done staring at my salad I turned to Google.

I turned to Google Suggest not for a quiche recipe, but for vegan marshmallows. Yes, my brain works in wondrous ways.

Now, I launch a new window of Firefox and wait...and wait...and realize the domain name is never going to resolve. So, as much of a geek as I am, I don't know the IP addy for Google off the top of my head. So off I go to find out the status of my connection Run>cmd>ping google.com

Reply from bytes=32 time=98ms TTL=244

So I get sidetracked and wonder what the IP addresses are for google.net & google.org (turned up & respectively) and this leads me to (after plugging in to make sure I can connect -sure enough it does) wondering what other addresses Google has purchased to point to its search engine. I typed in foogle.com just to see if they purchased this and it turns out they haven't. Also, it isn't a porn site! They even go as far as putting links to both google.com and froogle.com on their homepage. But, the interesting part is that I find a page with a really high-tech and "powerful" search engine -a dude that reads the posts and occasionally gets back to you. *LOL*

I decide, since I don't want to wait on someone to answer my question, to browse what other people have asked by hitting the "Random" button I found on the bottom of the homepage. I'm amazed (on many levels) that this is the first page I see:

  • http://www.foogle.com/browse.php?id=1564
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    Lemon "Chicken" (Marinade help??)

    I'm thinking of trying this recipe for vegan lemon "chicken".

    The recipe starts off by calling for extra firm tofu, marinated for a few days. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for marinades.

    I have poultry seasoning (although I tend to associate that taste with sage stuffing). Would that be good for a marinade?

    Any other ideas?

    Also, should I freeze/thaw/press the tofu, or is it good to go?

    Yet another chocolate-chip cookie recipe

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    Although it's not that healthy, it's a great recipe if you're looking to avoid margarine and hydrogenated oils. Also, no hard-to-find ingredients (unless you'd include soymilk in that category). They come out really similar to regular choco-chip-oat cookies instead of being really vegan-looking (my non-veg friends wouldn't touch the last cookies I made) and they have a really subtle peanut-buttery taste. I think they are the best tasting chocolate chip cookies I've ever made, vegan or not.

    P.S. I've always used Quaker Quick Oats (the same thing I use for breakfast) when making cookies. Often times I see people stressing not to use quick oats when making oatmeal cookies. Any reason why?
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    The Cook's Thesaurus

    I found this super duper awesome website, The Cook's Thesaurus!

    It has all sorts of helpful information. For example:

    The yeast page! Ever wonder about the difference between brewer's yeast, baking yeast, nutritional yeast, and yeast extract? ever wonder what a wine ball was, or how to make sourdough starter? Well now you can find out :D

    The oats page: So you've been itching to try the vegan haggis recipe over at vegweb.com, but you can't seem to find pinhead oats at your local bulk food store. Fear not! According to this page, pinhead oats are also called scotch oats, porridge oats, steel-cut oats, and Irish oatmeal.

    The vegetable pages! So you've got a recipe that calls for five pounds of Swedes, and you're upset because your friend Gunnar says you can't take five pounds from him. What do to, what to do? Well, this helpful page will tell you that "swede" is just another word for rutabaga or yellow turnip, so you can leave Gunnar alone already :)

    What else will you find on this website? Lotus root, burdock, arugula, triticale, bean curd skins, loganberries......if you've ever wondered what the hell any of this stuff is, now's your chance to find out.

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    Beans & Greens and Chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting

    I looked in the fridge, and I had 2 bunches of kale and I knew they needed to be used up, so I grabbed them and made beans n' greens for lunch.

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    Yesterday, I made the chocolate cake from the recipe that born2luvsum1 posted in this thread here.  The frosting is my variation of a recipe from Mary McDougall.

    </span>Collapse )

    My husband really likes the frosting. It's chocolate and the peanut butter isn't overpowering, it's just a hint.

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    so i knwo duncan hines cake mix is vegan. and most of the icing too. so i bought some becuase i heard somewhere there you cold use soda/setzer to make cake becuase the carbonation makes it rise instead of the eggs and whatnot. but how much soda/selter do i use? and should i put any oil in it? any help is appriciated<3


    I had never used Edame before and threw some into a vat of green curry Upon eating we realized that we had to have an extra plate to put the Edame on because it was too hard to eat. I mushed the beans out and ate them but there was no chewing the outside 20 times worse than chewing celery. Does anyone have suggestions for softening em' up?
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    vegan Worcestershire sauce

    so my mom randomly bought a bottle of vegan Worcestershire sauce. I looked through the memories for Worcestershire-related recipes and came up with nothing (perhaps I'm looking under the wrong thing though?) So what's you're favourite Worcestershire recipes? I'd like to be able to use this bottle and not just have it sit there like all the other silly vegan substitutes my mom gets and I never use.

    On that same subject, I've found a teaspoon of soy sauce for every tablespoon of Worcestershire is a good substitute.
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    tofurky marinades?

    i'm going to make a tofurky tonight and was wondering if anyone uses the recipe on the side of the box that is like, half orange juice and half soy sauce? what is a good marinade or whatever that you guys like? i've made it many times but didn't add anything and i've been happy with it like that, but i want to try something new.

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    since organic tofu is too expensive for the poor farmers pocket (our pockets) we decided to buy soy strips today at the organic store. they kind of look like dry dog food so i'm excited because i secretly always wanted to eat dog food! ha
    ANYWAY, any suggestions on what to do with these little nuggets o fun? THANKS
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    question about vitamins & supplements

    sorry if i shouldn't post this here since its not exactly about cooking vegan food but it is a question for vegans. You can delete this if need be.

    I am just curious if you ppl take vitamins & or supplements to get ur daily nutrients & what not. If so what do you take? I try to be a relatively healthy eater & try to watch my fruits, veggies & protien intake but I currently take a multivitamin everyday and was wondering if i should take something else instead. I hear flaxseed oil is good for you.

    I was in the drugstore today and was looking through their vitamins & picked up a bottle of flaxseed oil and on the label it said to use it in cooking such as salads. Do you guys use this & does it actually taste ok?