February 6th, 2005


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the very first issue of herbavore reviewed a vegan fake lamb product, which they said was amazing.

does anybody
1) know the brand/name of the product?
2) at least has an amazing brand/type of fake lamb to suggest
3) have any exciting vegan recipes using fake lamb?

(((my girlfriend always says that the one non-vegan product she would ever eat if she had a chance is lamb, which she blames on her greek heritage.
despite the complete grossness of her wanting to eat lamb and almost buying some the other day, our anniversary is in a little over a month, and i thought it would be cool to special order some and make her something with "lamb"))))

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Hey guys. In my French class on Tuesday, we're having a Mardi Gras celebration, and I offered to bring some vegan baked goods. It has to be French, though. I was wondering if anyone had any good French dessert recipes. I want it to be really good! I want to impress everyone with how good vegan food really can be. Thanks for any help!!
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Vegetarian Soul Food

If you haven't already seen it, check out the Vegetarian Soul Food website. It aims to help people transition to vegetarian (preferably vegan) lifestyles, and I'm finding it very informative, packed with recipes, health information for African-Americans (and health information that relates to other ethnic groups), good tips on how to "eat with the regulars", raising veggie kids, and all manner of other wondrous stuff. There's also a directory of veg*n African-American owned businesses, chat forum, book recommendations, a vegetarian soul food pyramid poster, information on nutrition, how to build up your veggie pantry, and they're selling their "directory" of recipes and tips for a $10 donation. It's one of the better veg*n lifestyle websites I've seen, and it's done with a very warm, friendly attitude. I'm very impressed.

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Soy grits

When I do my grocery shopping every week I always take a quick squizz at the mark-downs shelf. A few days ago they had about 50 bags of Soy Grits for about AU$1.50 each or something. Any ideas for what I could use them for?
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I want to make this:


But I do not, nor have I ever seen Bell's seasoning. I have EVERYTHING else it calls for...and the beet greens are starting to wilt...this is an emergancy! I have never eaten anything like this before and am toatly stoked but I don't know what this seasoning is and don't know what to replace with it. The google search I did had like a zillion sites selling it, but I want to make it before the night is over. I couldn't seem to be able to find any ingredients for it.
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It's a blur


EDIT: These have good homes now. thanks for the interest!!!

My mom gave me a stack of tofu coupons. If anyone wants a couple of leftovers (for free) email me at venus6x AT yahoo dot com

You get a Mori-Nu Tofu pamphlet which include:
*Coupon for 35cents off 2 packages of Mori-Nu (no experation date- these can be doubled!)
*Info about Mori-Nu products and nutritional info
*Recipes for: "Sour Cream" dip/topping, Key Lime Pie, Chinese Un-chicken Salad, Chocolate Dream Dessert, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Fiesta Scrambler
*Cooking Quick Tips

I have 2 of these, if you want both to share with someone, just let me know! If you'd like to trade off some (cheap/free) stuff for it, thats fine too =p
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i love cinnamon snaps because they are such an easy cookie to make, and you can bring them anywhere. i'm always afraid someone will be deathly allergic to oatmeal or wheat, which i put in most of my cookies, so these are a great cookie to share with people. they are absolutely amazing right out of the oven, too. they are soft, tasty and my favorite cookie to make. i hope you enjoy them!

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o.m.g. i truly had a religious experience whilst making webtar's vegan marshmallows tonight. hOe-ley, but i do recommend making them. so thick, so unveganly they seem. here's mine whipping up in my beloved pink mixer:

i'll let you know how they come out tomorrow. also, i was worried that they wouldn't turn out white, cuz i used unbleached florida crystals. however, as soon as they start to whip and fluff, they become so white they're almost violet. also, i used Frangelica hazelnut liqueur instead of vanilla extract.


Yummy Enchiladas

I just made the most spectacular vegan enchiladas! I've only eaten enchiladas once, and I had no real idea on how to construct them, other than a hunch. They came out super yummy!

1 red bell pepper (cut into thin strips)
1/2 red onion (cut into thin 1/2 moons)
1 lb seiten chicken style (cut into strips or cut into very small pieces)
1 tbs chili powder
1/2 tbs garlic powder
1/2 tbs onion powder
1/2 tbs cumin
1 tsp salt
dash red pepper
1 tbs olive oil

The Rest
Tortillas (I used the small ones)
15 oz can enchilada sauce
fave cheese/cheese sauce alternative (I used the cheese sauce from the book 'How it All Vegan)

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Whole Wheat Bread

I've tried quite a few bread recipes looking for one that was both 100% whole wheat and not a brick. I was about to give up and just go buy gluten or use half white flour, as much as I'd like to avoid those. But now I don't have to! ^_^ I've done the impossible - made a good tasting, light* textured, 100% whole wheat loaf. And here is how.

*We're not talking wonder bread here. Good thing too, cause that stuff is creepy. This loaf has the consistency of the better ones from health food stores. The taste is slightly sweet, but not so sweet that it can't be used for sandwhiches.

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Today I made a chocolate-chocolate birthday cake for my father using Wafflekitten's tiger-cake recipe. It was quite glorious.

And here it is after we dug in.


I'm so happy my family is receptive to my cooking, they all adored it.