February 7th, 2005

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OK, I realize this is very un-vegan of me, but I have a ridiculous craving for KFC gravy. I loved it back when I was an omni! I'm looking for a way to recreate it on my own, but I fear it's not do-able. I've found a few recipes and among the ingredients they list, "chicken bullion cubes, chicken broth and beef gravy." ARkljgglkfjgleegggle! <---'tis my stomach growling. Any ideas?


i made hummus yesterday and it called for 2 cloves garlic.
my boyfriend insisted on putting in two even though we had monster garlic.
it burns.

how can i resurrect this hummus.
it's the perfect consistency and everything just burns a little.
i'd rather not double the recipe (minus more garlic) so if there is a solution other than that i would be gratefuller.

and i tried really hard to look through the faq, honestly.


Or Agar flakes or whatever you call the silly, very expensive things! I bought a small package of this for a very high price in order to try an "uncheese" recipe from Stepaniak's book. Which was the definition of disgusting btw. So I'm not in any hurry to make another block of yuckety-yuck.

I don't wanna waste these flakes though. What else can I use them in?

More historic cookbooks

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the Historic American Cookbook Collection has loads of old cookbooks available online. Terribly non-vegan from my first look at it, but there may well be some bit that can be 'veganised'.
This one has some vegetable soup recipies towards the bottom, working on a basic principle of 'hurl vegetables into pot. Add something meaty. Boil. Lots'. And there's this:

Bread soup.
Ingredients. Dry bread, broken in bits, water, salt and pepper, an onion and a little fat.
Soak the bread in boiling water for a few minutes, add the onion sliced and fried in the fat; salt and pepper well.

There's a recipie for the end of a store cupboard.

Score one for the VEGANS!

I am so super proud of my latest accomplishment. I went to a Super Bowl party last night and decided to bring a few things for an alternative option.

I made a huge veg sub sandwich and cut it into little hors d'oeuvres size. I made a dijonnaise sauce out of Nayonnaise, dijon mustard, olive oil, basil and fresh black pepper. I put some spinach, tomato, pickles, black olives, soy cheddar and soy turkey on it.

It was a huge hit. I was very pleased.

But the true shock of the evening was my Tuna-less Salad Filling. I got it out of Vegan Planet, truly the BEST cookbook I've ever encountered.

I had hardcore meat eaters praising my ability to make a sammich.

Hoo ha.

It also helped that my Sangria kicks the ass of your mom's sangria.

Just thought I'd share my victory. And, seriously, get Vegan Planet.
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salad dressings

I make loads of salads, and these dressings are fantastic with them! The first two are more subtle, the last two certainly aren't...but they're great and really complete a meal :)

Fruit Juice Dressing
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I really like this dressing because it doesn't contain any oil or anything, so it's very light and the apple juice concentrate makes it sweet without the use of processed sugar. If you don't like an aniseedy flavour leave out the caraway seeds, but you can't taste them that much, they just make it taste lighter. Especially good with: couscous/grain salad, rice salad, green salad, cabbage salad.

Tamari Vinaigrette
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This is probably the tastiest dressing, it tastes great with everything! However, it's especially good with: couscous/grain salad, cold rice noodle salads, rice salads, green salads and I've also used it in stir frys with a bit less oil.

Tomato Vinaigrette
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This is such a lovely dressing, but fairly rich and thick due to the tomato puree. Best on: Leafy green salads (especially spinach based ones), bean salads, pasta salads.

Sweet&Sour dressing
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I first made this as a makeshift stir fry sauce, but it's lovely cold on salads too...the other day I used it on a sort of couscous/chickpea mixture and it was lovely!


Was just flicking through the recipe index before and came across a few posts from people wanting to cook with marijuana. No one seemed particularly sure how to go about it, so I thought I might offer some advice :D

I'm writing this based on the assumption you want to cook with it to get stoned. A lot of medical marijuana users prefer to ingest it rather than smoking - not only is the actual act of smoking removed (some don't like it or are unable to smoke) but ingesting marijuana makes the overall effect last MUCH longer. For example, if you have half a joint you'd feel it for up to an hour, usually less. Ingesting marijuana leaves for stoned for about 6 hours.

The stuff that gets you stoned/high in marijuana is these little bitty things called tricomes. They grow not only on the bud matter, but the leaves too. They contain cannabanoids, which is what makes you stoned. (Interesting fact - no one really knows why the marijuana plant produces tricomes, but it has been suggested that it has something to do with protecting the plant from heat and high temperatures.)

The cool thing about cannabanoids is that they are fat soluble. So if you want to cook with it, you need to make Cannabutter! You use the butter as you would normally, but it's best added to things like cookies which are cooked for short periods of time (say, 15 minutes) on a not-too-hot heat.

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Vegan Travel

I get the feeling this has been asked before, but I cant access the memories for some reason >_<;;

Anyway, Does anyone have any tips for vegan food to take while travelling in places that don't offer vegan food?

I'm going with my class on a trip to europe for spring break, and while I have found plenty of vegan friendly restaurants there through the web, I talked to my teacher and she said that we can only eat at designated 'cheap' restaurants and that most of them don't have a vegetarian alternative (which seems odd to me since this is a school trip.)

I've been trying to think of easy things that I can pack as meals that will last me for the week that I will be away, and as enticing as trail mix and nuts sounds--I don't think I could live off of that for very long. Does anyone have any ideas for things that I can pack and eat throughout the trip? Preferably something that won't spoil, and doesn't have to be prepared much? (We'll be on the go all day, so I wont have the time or place to prepare food) Also, it would have to be somewhat compact, as I don't have alot of room in my bags as it is.

Thanx you guys!

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homemade granola

Am I correct in thinking that granola will be cheaper if I make it myself? If so, pleasehelp me learn how to make my own granola!

I already have some oats, dried cranberries, and walnuts. How does one make/cook granola? Any good basic recipes? How does one make granola with clusters as opposed to the regular kind?
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sponge cake

tomorrow i am going to try and veganize a recipe for tiramisu. i've been wanting to try it for a long time, but theres only like two vegan recipes on the internet for it, and both sound either disgusting or not very authentic. anyway, i think i have everything under control except for the lady finger/sponge cake deal. i don't really get the difference between sponge cake and regular vanilla/white cake besides that sponge cake recipes call for more eggs. will i be safe using a regular cake recipe and drenching it in the coffee syrup mixture? or is the density of the sponge cake needed? is there something i'm not thinking of that would work a lot better? are regular lady fingers often vegan? gah.

Valentine's Day Truffles

Hello! I am new to the community and will officially become vegan on Wednesday. I am currently vegetarian, but have decided to become vegan for Lent, and hopefully forever afterwards. In the spirit of Valentine's day, I thought I'd share a truffle recipe that has had all of my meat-loving friends addicted!

Easy Vegan Truffles

8oz. Vegan Cream Cheese (Tofutti works excellent!)
3 cups of confectioner's sugar
3 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips (I like Guitard)
1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla extract.

With a mixer, blend the cream cheese, slowly sifting in the confectioner's sugar. Soften the 3 cups of chocolate chips. Add the vanilla and chocolate into the mixture and blend until no streaks can be seen. The mixture will be thick. Refridgerate for 45 minutes to an hour. After refridgerated, roll into balls or shape as desired. These can easily be rolled into other things such as sugar, nuts, or whatever else you can think of! This recipe makes about sixty truffles. Enjoy!
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