February 9th, 2005

Index is not working...looking for recipie (tested and approved of course)

Since the index is all phooey right now...maybe I can reach out the old fashioned way...I'm looking to cook up some kind of peanut butter desert for my honey pie as a little Valentines side note. He loves peanut butter to a freakish extreme...I was thinking peanut butter fudge, but hit me up with some ideas and directions. I was also hoping to throw some good ole Valentines cheese on it and make them heart shaped (however this is not a serious critera, just something fun) But any ideas/suggestions would be helpful. Thanks a bunch!!! Oh yeah, I'm on crutches so the easier the better :) You all rock! -Clare
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Lets play: Make My Dinner!

I've noticed a lot of, "I have X what can I make?" So I'm going to play too. (What's up with the data base being down?)

I have lots of brocoli and snow peas and a never ending pile of potatoes. I have many other things but I really want to use up the brocoli and snow peas before it goes bad. i can always make stir fry or soup, but what else?

Edit: This is what I made:

thank you everyone!

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So my mom got me two HUGE bottles of lemon juice at costco. I've been putting some in my water, but that can only go so far. I could make lemonade, I'm not even really sure how. haha.

Any suggestions on what to do with all of this lemon juice???

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i'm making valentine cookies this weekend (as im sure so many of us are). i haven't made cookies since i became conscious of refined white sugar.
my other issue is that one person i know who will be eating them avoids sugar as much as possible. so i'm way of using sucanat because it may be too sugar like.

i've heard a lot about agave nectar and maple syrup but im not sure how much i would use in relation to how much sugar the recipe calls for.

also, a lot of people have mentioned through the memories that fruit works well as a sugar replacement but im already going to use bananas as an egg replacer so i'm not sure if that would be going overboard??

and one more question while i'm at it ;p
the recipe calls for both margarine AND shortening. is there any way i could cut one of these out. it seems to me that using both would make the cookies very high fat/unhealthy. just doesn't sound appealing.

thx so much in advance for the help.

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I've been thinking about posting for a couple days, and now thanks to this post about eating while travelling, I finally am. I'm studying in the south of France (Aix-en-Provence) for a semester, and I'm having trouble eating. Eating out isn't so bad, because things can be made vegan or vegetarian, especially pasta, but it's too expensive to make it an every day habit.
In my apartment I have two burners and a fridge that is the size of a normal college dorm fridge. There is no oven, but there is a microwave. I'm having trouble finding recipes that are nutritious and will make only one or two servings, because I can't keep much in in the tiny fridge that I share with my room mate.
There are amazing fresh fruit and vegetable markets every day of the week, and I can get beans easily from the supermarkets (which seem to be full of cookies, cheese, and meat). I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but the cheese here is revolting to me, so I would rather cook vegan meals. I've only found tofu in one Asian shop, but it was 3 Euros, which is a bit expensive for every day.
Please help me out! I'm sick of bread, pasta, and salad.
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So, I just peeled a mango and to my surprise the whole bottom half of the fruit is white and oddly textured while the top half is normal (yellow and semi-juicy.) Is it not ripe enough? Is it bad? Should I just eat the top half? I have never seen this before. Anybody know whats up?

butternut squash

I tried butternut squash for the first time today. I loved it, but all I did was roast it. Does anyone have any ideas for anything else I could do with it, maybe something that wouldn't take so long to cook?
Also, I found it really hard to cut off the skin. Is it really necessary to peel it before cooking?

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the burning question remains: what the hell am i going to do with two blocks of homemade vegan mozzarella cheez? i really just like having it around. it’s a rather comforting thought. however something tells me that i should craft some sort of edible creation out of it.

suggestions, fellas?
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egg poolong. poopy poop poop zucchini bread.

today i learned that baking powder is a volitle substance.
i am soo still learning on the whole egg replacement thing.
i attempted to make banana zucchini bread.
i used banana in for egg. used about a 1/4 tsp in addition to the
baking soda called for in the recipe. and that was dumb.
over and out, my banana zucchini bread tasted like ick.

next time i'm just going to use the banana and assume it'll be okay.

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Cream of Broccoli Soup!!

a hunk-o-Broccoli (the original recipe says 14 oz) (oh, and save a few pieces to toss in at the end)
1 big onion or two small
2 big ol garlic cloves
1 leek (or if thats not convenient, maybe throw in another onion. or just dont worry about it...)
a can of veggie broth
a bit of flour
15ish oz of soy milk
1tbsp (about) soy sauce
any other random crap you wanna toss in

cut up the veggies and sautee them in a bit of olive oil. then when you are so inclined, add the broth and cook it all for a while. when the broccoli is softish toss it all (or rather, in batches) into the blender and blend it all up. here is where Im unsure of what to do next time... I think that what I would do next time would be to add some more oil to the pan and use the flour to make a roux (ya know, lipid+flour and mix smoothish but thick and cook a bit so you cook the flour) and then add a bit of soy, add the puree, then add the rest of the soy.

how the original recipe says to do it is to add the flour to the blender mix. and how I did it was put some flour in a cup and mixed it up with the puree and then added it back then added all of the soy milk and seasoned with soy sauce and garlic salt and tossed some more broccoli florets into it and cook for a while and then youre done.

the most time consuming part is just chopping the vegetables.

this was really suprisingly easy and way tastier than I had expected. I would definatly make it again.