February 15th, 2005

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any vegan gravy using nutritional yeast tastes infinately better if you use rice milk instead of soy milk. i mean, the soy is okay but the rice milk annihilates the taste of soy and i dont know why but i thought i'd let you all know.
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Wedding Cake

Hi folks,

I'm getting married in July and we'd like to have a vegan wedding cake, but I'm not quite sure where to start. Has anyone had any experience with this, or have any ideas? And just how well does 'egg replacer' work to replace egg in fluffy baked recipes?

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3 Layers cake

Thanks for helping me fill my empty cake container:

Please ignore the bad frosting job.

vanilla/coconut cake:
1 1/2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. salt
1 1/3 cup coconut milk
1 Tbl. vinegar
1/4 tsp. almond extract

bake at 350 for 30-35 min.

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Blackened Banana Fritters

I might just have weird taste, but I stumbled upon something kind of cool today and thought I would share it...

Over the weekend we dumpstered a bunch of bananas They are starting to get soft, so I didn't just want to eat them. I thought that I would make banana bread, but I am a horrible baker and have no baking soda/powder around. So I mashed the banana up and put in a little bit of maple syrup and flour (I am not sure on exact amounts. It was a big banana, maybe 1/4 cup flour and a teaspoon of maple syrup.) I figured I would just pan fry them and hope for the best, thinking maybe they would be sort of like latkes (potato pancakes). At the same time, I was making my lunch, couscous with blackened tofu. So all of a sudden I get a great idea and I put blackening seasonings (paprika, red pepper, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, salt) on the little banana fritters. They came out so tasty! It is definitely a weird taste, but good. I ate them as an appetizer, but I think that it would be really good to put cous cous or a different grain on the bottom of a bowl/plate, blackened tofu or other meat substitute, and then lay the banana things on top . Yum!
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This morning I was craving a hummus sandwich. Much to my chagrin, all the bread in the house was non-vegan. I had a yummy salad with a big dollop of hummus instead. Weird breakfast, I know. I didn't take a picture of that, but come lunch time, I was still craving bread.

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tender bits?

Hey guys -- I just bought a can of Worthington / Loma Linda Tender Bits. Question: If I don't use them all at once, how should I store them? Must I freeze them, or could I just like put them in a tupperware in the fridge?

Also, any favorite recipes?

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A VERY simple peppered brown rice

This is my 1st recipe posting, and I humbly offer one of my simple yet tasty comfort dishes. Hope you enjoy.

1 1/2 cups brown rice
vegetable stock or cube
1 plate of julienned carrots (1 inch length)
1 plate of sliced mushrooms
coarse salt & black pepper
willowrun...and olive oil

Bring the rice in 3 cups of vege-stock & a spoon of margarine to a boil, cover. Halfway into its 40ish minutes coat a pan in half olive oil and half willow run margarine and saute the carrots on medium heat. Sprinkle with salt and a fairly healthy (not too much!) amount of pepper. Halfway through add a little more margarine and the mushrooms. Cover, after 5-8 minutes mix then cover again. The result should yield juices from mushrooms & carrots.

The rice should be turned off when exhibiting a creamy texture. Add rice to the mushrooms and carrots & mix well. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

This would go well with lemon peppered broccoli and BBQ tofu.
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so what do i do with a cup of lentils that's exciting? ;) thanks. lol

and thanks to everyone who commented with sugar cookie/icing recipes. my little heart cookies were delicious and the pink icing was absolutely remarkable. :)
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sweet brown rice, yum. and mixed veggies with tofu in mustard sauce.
then for dessert, sauteed bananas with turtle tracks and hazelnut dark chocolate.

and all vegan.

more pictures behind the cut

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Yeastie beasties

I made a post a few days back asking about the availability of nutritional yeast in Australia. Went on a hunt for it last weekend and bought a product called savoury yeast. It had a recipe on the back for a cheezy sauce... is this the same as nutritional yeast such as Red Star? The ingredients list (yeast, salt) wasn't exactly too helpfull :P
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