February 16th, 2005


dried beans

I got some dried red kidney beans from whole foods a while ago, but I have no idea how to cook them! I was thinking i'd use them in chili. I heard they take like 5 hours to cook? is that true? How do you cook your kidney beans?


tropical source recipe, anyone ever make these babies?

Hey guys, I'm poor so I haven't sprung for an actual bag of Tropical Source chocolate chips in a couple years, but I got the last bag of 365 chips and my friend also wanted chocolate so she sprung for them-and gave me the rest after making muddy buddy chex for her nephew.

Anywhoo, here's a recipe from the back of the bag, I love that there's not even a mention of eggs!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies recipe (I'll post a photo when I get to making them)
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Galaxy brand Vegan sour cream/ dry ranch packet

I was at Whole Foods yesterday, scouting for some Tofutti sour cream for a ranch dip and a vegetable dip that I'm making for a party. Surprisingly, they did not have it, so I had to get Galaxy brand vegan sour cream (made by the same company that makes the awesome vegan parmesan cheese with the purple label).

Ugh!!! Eaten plain, it was incredibly gross. If I hadn't already paid $10 for four containers, I would just throw it out and get some Tofutti. It definitely had a soy taste, and the texture was really thick for sour cream. I'm hoping that the dried soup mixes will cover up the nasty taste of the sour cream.

On the plus side, while I couldn't find the vegan dry Hidden Valley Ranch packet (is it the lowfat kind? The store only had the original and the dip-specific kinds), the kosher Lipton Recipe Secrets Soup Mix is vegan!
pizza throne

hot fudge brownies

i'd like to recommend this recipe for brownies:

at first when i made the hot fudge topping i though i screwed up bad because it was complete watery liquid being poured onto the batter. but after about 30 minutes it was all gone..and when you cut into it...fudgy goo all at the bottom. i've never had a lava cake like they advertise on restaraunt menus..but i'd imagine this is what it's like!
plus..no oil!
i'm definitely making this again soon and posting pictures. i didn't last night because we used paper plates and didn't attempt cutting them out of the dish very neatly.

tofu scramble and how my cat feels about strawberries

First, the scramble:

A few days ago, someone online (I don't remember who!) told me that to make a really awesome tofu scramble, one needs a mixture of soy sauce and maple syrup, along with turmeric and spicy stuff. So, somewhat doubtful, I whisked up some lite soy sauce and pure maple syrup, added a good amount of ultra-yellow turmeric, some tobasco sauce, and chili powder, and added it to fried tofu and onions. So good! I put it on top of whole wheat toast and added some salsa later.

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beet cake?

I want to make a beet cake using a carrot cake recipe. I googled to see if anyone had tried this before and to look at recipes. weirdly, all the beet cake recipes i found were cocoa cakes. ew? anyway, have any of you tried something like this before? i can't see why it wouldn't bake up just like a carrot cake but with MAGNIFICENT fushia color. beet cake with crystalized ginger sounds heavenly to me. whatcha think?


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mac 'n crap

okay so i tried the recipe on veg web for macaroni and cheese...but it tasted horrible

this is what i used to make the sauce

4 tablespoons nutritional yeast
1/2 cup soymilk
garlic powder

what can i change or modify about this to stop it from tasting like feet and actually appeal to my tastebuds?

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Any one know of an alfredo recipe that is really really good and tastes much like the original? I've found plenty of recipes, but I don't know how they taste. I'm just wondering if any one here has any particular favorites?