February 17th, 2005


carob CHIPS

I've searched the index, and there's really nothing there to help me.
I have a bag of carob chips sitting around, where they've been for several months. I just don't like carob that much, but my grrlfriend hates choco and loooooooooves carob (ew :) )
She's been out of town for a week and is coming back tomorrow or the next day, and i thought it would be sweet of me to surprise her by cooking something with the carob chips.

any suggestions?

(no subject)

I am recovering from the flu and my boyfriend is still in the midst of it. Because of it the menu for this week got really put on hold and I'm trying to figure out how to use things before they go bad. Does anyone have an idea for a recipe that would use a 10 oz-ish bag of fresh spinach that would be good for a soup or something? It was intended for indian food but that doesn't sound to appetizing for a flu upset stomach.

SP Zeph


I bought some taro (small roots), but have never cooked it before.

I searched for recipes online, but was wondering if any of you had any favorites you'd like to share or any advice about using this stuff?


Food processor

To make hummus, do you use a food processor or blender? i have a really crappy blender that makes it really hard to make hummus, but instead of getting a new blender, i was thinking about getting a food processor...thoughts? what else do you use a food processor for?

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My grandpa is in a nursing home, he has cancer among other things.. (high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol..) He really likes shakes, but he can only have sugar-free ones. I'm going to visit him on Saturday and I'd really like to make him a chocolate or vanilla soy shake that's sugar free. I've found some sugar free soymilk, but I don't know about ice cream.. He certainly doesn't need the milk either, so I think soy would be a great option. Anyone have any ideas?