February 19th, 2005

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A Call For Your Vegan Cheese Cracker Recipes!

After looking over my friends page, i noticed that poisonoak was looking for the exact same thing i am. delicious vegan cheese crackers, like cheez-its. i have been craving these for a while now and to no avail i have found zilch on the web. i am cross posting this to 2 other communities so please don't get tiffed.

help two lovely ladies out? purrttyy please! thanks in advance everyone. =)

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what's your personal secret to awesome chili? i don't mean an overall recipe, but what's that one special thing you add that makes your chili absolutely awesome? (mine's soy cream cheese - but i need to try something new tonight, thanks ;).

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does anyone have a tried and true recipe for vegan candy that i can make with either peanut butter or coconut (or both!)? my ladylove and i exchanged vegan candy that we purchased at our favorite cafe for valentines day and i've been jonesing to do a little candy making of my own ever since.
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Baked Tofu and Greens

I am getting sick of my tofu marinades. Can someone suggest something new to put in them?
I normally just put: garlic, nut. yeast, soy sauce/braggs salt, liquid smoke, red peppers, and other random spices.
Then the next night I cover them with cornfakes, blended oats, nut. yeast and cayanne.
It ends up looking like this:
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hmm one of those...

So yes, I have a tub of tofutti cream cheese unopened in my fridge...
Is there any chance this tub can make it through 9 hours of being on two different airplanes in one day.. basically out of the fridge for that long? I'm guilty of leaving the stuff out of hours on end, but this seems like a -bit- much.

Or....does anyone have any cookie/muffin/scone/cake, something other than cheesecake or rugalach (well, it's my plan b) recipes that require 8 ounces of the stuff? I'm looking for something that can be ziplocked or tupperwared fairly successfully. I know I should probably give it away, but I'm pretty selfish and get hungry between flights anyway...so unless someone lives near Islip, NY and wants it tommorow..haha please help!
EDIT: What about a barely used but opened jar of Nayonaise?
oy and tempeh bacon