February 20th, 2005



I bought a small tub of babaganouj today, because I regularly like anything involving eggplant. I had a small spoonful, and I really don't like it. I despise wasting food, so is there a way to make the spread taste better?
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The best recipe book in the universe


I found a gem, and I had to plug it.

Normally, when I get a recipe book, I open it up and eventually find a dish that makes me think "that's going to be the first thing I make." Then it becomes about the only thing I make. When I flip through this book, I have that feeling about virtually every recipe in here, and there's 1400 recipes!

I finally settled on making the traditional naan recipe (since I was already planning to make chickpea curry) and it came out totally amazingly great! Get this book if you are a vegan gourmet cook and want some good ideas!!

I'm going to flip open and randomly pick five recipe titles to give you a feel for what's in this book...

Stir-fried sprouts with cashews (uses brussels sprouts, along with sprouted lentils, peas, and adzuki)
Beet salad with ricotta and olives (one of the few pictures in this book... and it looks way good!)
Quinoa with fresh corn & scallions
Eggplant rollatini with corn bread stuffing
Pita with herb salad and pine nuts

I'm totally floored!
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Um, I'm silly. I need help quickly: what's a substitute for brown rice flour? Can white baking flour work?! ahh!! i didnt read that ingredient! (this is for a gravy to be made on the stove)


I made the blondies from the PPK website the other day (which were delicious), and now I have about 1-1 1/2 cups of vanilla soy yogurt left over. I need to use it up in the next day or 2 so that it does not go bad. Can anyone recommend any baked recipes that I could use it in? I'm finding it pretty difficult to search for recipes, as this would not be the main ingredient. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Today I made a hot open-faced tempeh sandwich! It's from the Angelica Kitchen cookbook. Angelica Kitchen is on 12th st, ... somewhere east, maybe 1,2,3 aves, in NYC. I forget. Anyway, it's amazing. Here's the recipe:
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Eep! I am full of posts today. BUT! Following erica the vegan's german chocolate cake post, I deicded to make it. I am positive I mixed in the ingredients correctly. The only thing I changed was vanilla extract POWDER rather than the liquid version. It's been baking at 350 for 30 minutes and I pulled it out to check and it's like a SEA OF CHOCOLATE. WHY DIDNT IT HARDEN!? I've made vegan cake quite a few times before, and this has NEVER happened. Help!!
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Hi all. New member, here. :)

I'm not technically a vegan; just a lactose-intolerant gal who really isn't that keen on eating meat (it's too expensive for a lowly college student!) and who's on a special diet due to allergy testing (yah for elimination diets *grumble*).

Anyway, I've been trolling through the memories and drooling a lot, but haven't been able to find a recipe for mango chutney. Does anyone have a really delicious one to share? I have a craving and nowhere nearby sells either this or popadoms, which is disappointing.

Also, if anyone has any other fruit chutney recipies to share, I'd love to see them. :) I'm very into finger foods and sweet-tart snacks, right now.
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some sort of yummy sammich?

So i have lettuce and tomato that i really want to use up today (so they don't get all icky), and i really want to make sandwhiches. In addition I have chickpeas, veganaise, lemon juice, really nice whole wheat bread, tofu, and a number of spices and seasonings at my disposal. My boyfriend and i were considering just buying a thing of tempeh bacon to use, which we do alot, so i'd be open to some other suggestions for something new and i suppose exciting to do (just throwing it out there that i think i'd prefer no mock tuna salad recipes).
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this isn't necessarily vegan cooking related..but i've noticed that a lot of people in this community greatly enjoy tea, so i figured it's worth a shot.

i need some help. my roomate's birthday is coming up and i thought i'd get her something that contributes to the one obsession she has: tea. she owns about 30 different tubs of that republic of tea stuff, but has a really crappy teapot and just one of those steeper things. i could get her a fancy/cute tea pot, but i was thinking about possibly being a bit more creative than that. i know nothing about any of this and am more of a coffee connoisseur so i'm hoping someone can aid me in recommending something she'd be into. also, no books. she works at borders.
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Okay, so I have about 2/3 of a box of extra-firm silken tofu leftover from making chocolate mousse pie, and I'm not sure what to do with it. Does anyone have any uncomplicated suggestions, apart from tofu scramble, which I hate? Thanks...

Vegan Beeb

I hope this hasn't been posted before; sometimes I skip the vegancooking posts on my friends page when I am crunched for time (I know, sacrilege! but there are times my schedule demands it).

This afternoon I stumbled across the BBC Food site and these vegan menus were linked from the front page. What a great resource--I had no idea!

I am salivating over the grilled vegetable ceviche with fennel and cumin jam and the sour lime and lemongrass granita. They sound heavenly.
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I know there are some fans of the Candle Cafe's Chocolate Mousse Pie here (I posted the recipe before, and it's in the archives). Anyway, I wanted to make it pretty, because I'm giving it to someone for her birthday, so I sprinkled chopped toasted sliced almonds on top, and...wow! I've made a good thing even better! *grin*

Oh, I also, I used half semisweet chocolate and half 70% cocoa chocolate and I really prefer it that way! =)