February 21st, 2005

cickpeas with artichoke hearts

ok yum. i haven't made this in a long time and i forgot how good it is.

put some good olive oil in a saute pan, a couple tablespoons, and heat it up.
when it's hot, add a can of chickpeas (a minute or two, not long) and a sprig-or-two worth of fresh oregano. once that is hot and smelling good (once again, a minute or two, not longer), add half a can of artichoke hearts barely chopped (the kind that come in just water and a little vinegar, not the pre-seasoned kind. i get mine at Trader Joe's). stir that around for a sec and then add a splash of balsamic vinegar. just a splash. once the liqids are more or less sucked up, turn off the heat. sea salt and pepper to taste.

i know it sounds like nuthin', but it is so good.
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dried cherries

so in honer of washington's b-day my mother got some dried cherries, so i was wondering (other than just eating them out of the bag, (or putting them in trail mix) what can i make with them? the only things i've come up with are trying to reconstitute them and make pie or putting them in some sort of saled, does anyone have ideas/ recepies?
(i've looked through the memories, and havn't found anything)

(no subject)

so i got my wisdom teeth out today and i've been eating tons of applesauce and soy delicious and i had some ginger ale.
but, well, i crave something a bit more substancial. i've been looking through the soup recipes here and i think i found a couple creamy potato ones that might be good, but i'm not sure. i still can't feel my bottom jaw.
or lip.
haha eating is fun.

(no subject)

so I wasnt especially inspired by the memories section. so I think I'll just ask for suggestions.

I have the following things-

artichoke hearts (that I need to use!)
frozen spinach
half of an eggplant (that I also need to use!)
boca burgers
marinara sauce
cans of asian style gluten/seitan
cans of refried beans, black beans, and garbanzo beans (as well as the dry versions)
2 blocks of firm tofu, one frozen, one not

and probably some other basic stuff. (but Ive only got vanilla soy milk right now though)

in other news, I made myself some delicious breakfast this morning

I cooked up some brown glutenous rice and while that was cooking I sliced up a banana and fried it up and put some brown sugar over it, when it was sufficiently yummy looking, I threw in some vanilla soy milk and some more brown sugar then threw in a handfull of dry oats and stirred it around and they soaked up and cooked in the soy milk. then I tossed in some more soy milk and threw in a few biiig spoonfulls of the rice and cooked a little bit more and then it was done.

it was not especially *pretty*

but it was SO good. I liked the interactions of the textures.

beet greens!

I've been eating a lot of beets lately (in "my bloody valentine soup" hehe) and now I have a TON of beet greens. I've heard they can be cooked up like chard, but I've never tried...

Would anyone care to suggest their favorite method of preparing this oh-so healthy (and delicious?) ingredient?


deep fried foods

I have been craving breaded mushrooms like crazy lately. I've got this idea about making my own. I found some mix that is vegan but i don't have a deep fryer. Can't i just use a pot with shortning in it? or is that different. i've never used a deep frier before.