February 25th, 2005


stuffed shells

finally figured it out..

in a skillet, heat a few tbsp. good olive oil
add a few cloves of garlic and a whole onion, finely chopped

then add a package of water-packed extra-firm tofu, finely crumbled
also: one tbsp. each salt, pepper, and sugar
a few tbsp. basil and nutritional yeast
1/2-3/4 cup vegan parmesean or mozarella *cheese*

stuff cooked extra-large pasta shells with mixture, and arrange then in a large casserole dish with sauce on the bottom. cover shells in sauce and sprinkle with vegan mozarella.. cook at 350 for 30 minutes or until melty and delicious looking. :D

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peanut butter cup hot cocoa!

I was just making some hot cocoa on the stove, and I was trying to think of something interesting I could throw in it to make it a little different. So, keeping in mind that peanut butter and chocolate is one of the most wonderful combinations ever, I melted in a little bit of peanut butter and stirred it around. So good! I just might go back for another cup..

is pita bread always vegan?

If I were to go into a store to buy pita bread would I find any non-vegan ingredients listed on the label? If so which ones would I need to look out for? I have no idea if pita bread is typically vegan or not, and I just want to make sure I don't buy one that's filled with animal products. Thanks!!
On the ferry

Using up fresh herbs

Ok gang,

Thanks to last night's pho-fun (heh) I have way more fresh mint and red Thai basil than I can imagine ever using. What can I use it for? Got any good mint chutney recipes or Asian-oriented pestos? Something else? I've also got a bunch of cilantro, which I'd love to use but I know of other stuff I can do with that if need be.

I'm also wide open to ideas that would use the rest of the package of mung bean sprouts I have.


whole wheatgrass for smoothies?

I bought some wheatgrass to put in these smoothies I've been making for breakfast to add some more nutrients/vitamins since it's all I have for my morning meal. I don't have any sort of juicer, and I had planned to just chop it up really fine and throw it into the blender with the various fruits and vegetables. Is this ok? has anyone else done this before? Am I going to get some weird taste or anything like that?
Thanks in advance.
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last night i ws extremely bored, so i decided i'd whip together some sort of meal for tonight.

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also, i just bought some engr egg replacer after not beign able to find it ANYWHERE, does anyone have any good recepies to use it with?