February 26th, 2005


Has anyone ever sucessfully made their own falafel? (from scratch, not from the box)

I've tried 2 times now and both times they have fallen apart when I've cooked them in the oil and turned out really nasty. Does anyone have any tried and true recipes?


Soy milk chocolate

What can I do with a half-bowlful of melted soy milk chocolate?

The story... So, my boyfriend had a box full of absolutely terrible brandy-filled chocolates that happened to be vegan. In an effort to minimize waste, I took the box of them and just while I was making dinner, melted down about half of them and made soy milk chocolate (slightly alcoholic, of course :P). I dipped some strawberries in to the chocolate and poured a bit of it into candy molds to harden, but now what do I do with the rest? Hurry! It's still warm and sitting in a bowl on my counter. There's not much -- just throw ideas at me!