March 1st, 2005


Chinese sauces and spices - what to buy

I am stocking up on Chinese cooking sauces and spices in an attempt to wean myself off my local Chinese joint which has messed up my order more than once. I have access to quite a large Asian store (Talin in Albuquerque) My question to you is:

1. What are the best vegan substitutes for things like oyster sauce, plum sauce etc?

2. What brands would you recommend for an authentic flavour?

3. I am thinking of things like tamari soy sauce, chili-bean paste, water-pressed tofu, peanut oil, sesame oil, sesame seeds, dried mushrooms etc. Are there other things you would recommend?


EDIT: Thanks for the wonderful suggestion. Mucho gracias. Special thanks to the person who recommended the book. Now I feel fully equipped to take on Chinese cooking.
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apple query

I've never cooked either of these apple varieties, but I find myself with a whole lot of Gala and Empire from my organic produce delivery service lately and am considering making a pie. Which do you think would be better for baking? Which would you pick for a pie?

yuuum grapefruit abundance!

so.. i picked up 6 regular grapefruit for a pound yesterday at my local fruit and veg shop..
other than cutting them in half and liberally sprinkling with sugar.. or peeling, chopping and topping with (soy) yogurt.. what else can i do with them? i'm the only one in the household that will eat them!

i was thinking of making a smoothie as i have bananas here are well at the moment (until the kids scoff them anyway) but what to put in it? and what to do with the rest of them? lol

cheers in advance :)
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whats your favorite vegan meal to make someone who isn't vegan?

my momma and i are going on vacation and will be staying with her best friend for a few days, and she's ridiculously worried that i will shrivel up and die if i don't cook something for us all there myself. i'm thinking stuffed shells or chili and corn bread or something... any other good suggestions on whats the best appealing to someone who makes that "eww" face at the mention of tofu?

kaffir lime leaf substitute?

Hey cats-- I've got a curry recipe that calls for a kaffir lime leaf, which I was unable to find at my regular supermarket, my hippie supermarket, or my persian supermarket. Would it be a terrible sin to just throw in some juice from a regular lime? And any ideas on how much? Or on some other way to approximate it?

Thanks so much! I'll post the recipe once I've field-tested it.
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tofu cashew patties

Last night I intended on enjoying breaded tofu cutlets over broccoli and silken tofu alfredo, but sadly the cutlets disapointed---being that I forgot to Braggs them up first- definitely required.

Not one to throw out food (broke broke broke) I started to think...patties!
So I salvaged the leftovers...
I had let's say 3/4 block of tofu baked with seasoned breadcrumbs, threw this in a blender with
a small handful of raw cashews, handful of rolled oats, bunch of spike seasoning, dash of cayenne pepper, barely a tablespoon of soy sauce, chopped clove of garlic, dash of parma....
It didn't mix that well but I smushed it manually too, basically because the tofu was baked beforehand it was a little too tough to smush it all myself. I molded and fried a patty in olive oil and enjoyed it on a homemade flax meal burger roll (ode to kittee's recipe) with tomatoes, vegenaise and lettuce. I'll definitely make these again with more cashews, too.
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Do any of you happen to know if the flour tortillas at Chipotle are vegan? I'm new to veganism, and I REALLY want to keep eating their vegetarian fajita burrito (minus the cheese and sour cream), so please tell me it's animal product-free! :)

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I've been inexplicably hungry lately and so I've been eating junk for the past week or so (giving up on vitamins, vegetables, and everything I need... PMS?). First of all, what are some good, filling and healthy foods that might help with this? and now, the point of this, I need to get back on track. I need some EASY meal ideas that are centered around vegetables and not chocolate. Any suggestions? I feel really week and drained and fat right now, so cooking and exercising seem way too hard... it's a vicous cycle.
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Ravioli and Orange Juice

Last night I made ravioli for the first time.
Tonight I made fresh orange juice with my new juicer!

Pictures ahoy!

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Ravioli filling:
mushrooms, shredded carrots, onions, a little spinach, garlic, salt, a little nutrional yeast, and a splash of balsamic vingar. (all sauteed together)

Read about the history of egg-less pasta here. There is also a recipe! I replaced 1 tsp of olive oil with olive oil that had been infused with chili peppers for an extra bite!
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