March 4th, 2005

anyone else love this show?

Hey guys, I'm becoming a big fan of this heart-healthy cooking show on Oregon Public Broadcasting that I keep randomly catching,
Christina Cooks, which for folks in the PDX area it's on 1:30 on Thursdays...and it's wonderful.
It's a little cheesy as there's been a singer-songwriter folk session on the episodes I've seen, but she cooks through it too. You'll see what I mean when the site opens : )
And everything she makes is 'wholesome, organic and good'...and vegan!

It never says "vegan cooking" but sure enough I did my research and as a recovering leukemia patient, Christina Pirello is a vegan and it's certainly working for her. Her site also has an enormous recipe archive, just in case the show isn't widely available. There are recipes from chinese orange seitan to hemp gomashio to streusel topped pumpkin pie to lotus root kinpira; it goes on and on beautifully.
I can not endorse her more! There's also a link to find her show in your area, in case you're interested : )

EDIT: I stand corrected, she is macrobiotic.

Tried and true recipe for naan?

I have all the fixings for a nummy Indian dinner tonight. But I'd like to make some homemade naan for the side. I saw one recipe in the memories, but it's got those pesky English/American measurement things and I'm the doofus who never fails to screw that up.

i try...

i'm quite new to vegan cooking, as my husband just went vegan a little over a year ago. until now, it was boca burgers, chili and veggie soup. the easy stuff. i've decided though that he can't live off those 3 things aline so i've been trying some new stuff out with great results:

one box organic lasagna cooked
a large can of crushed tomatoes with basil
one package of vegan cream cheese
one block of onion and garlic seasoned tofu
one small can tomato sauce
one pack of ground "burger"

-combined the tomatoes, tomato sauce and "burger" in one bowl
-i drained and crumbled the tofu and mixed it with the cream cheese which made a nice ricotta texture. i also added some seasoning (a bit more garlic etc)
-layered the lasagne, "cheese mixture", sauce until all noodles were used

it was very good and the husband was impressed.

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Egg replacer question

With Ener G Egg Replacer, what's the ratio of egg replacer to water?

(with Kings Mill egg replacer, the ratio for one egg is 1 teaspoon of powder to three tablespoons of water. I was wondering if I'd be able to convert Ener G to Kings Mill, teaspoon for teaspoon in a vegan cookie recipe I have)

Homemade alternatives to soymilk

Hey! So, I'm making pancakes for the food co-op I'm a part of, only some people have a strong aversion to eating unfermented soy products for health reasons so I don't want to use soymilk, if possible. Do you think it would throw the flavor way off if I made sunflower milk to go in them? OR could y'all provide me with instructions on how to make rice milk? I really don't want to buy any milk substitute because that jacks up the price of the meal and my cap is $15. Thanks in advance for your help!

(no subject)

I was bored so I decided to bake a cake. And it called for vegetable oil but I didn't want to use it. So I substituted with applesauce. But then I couldn't remember if it was sugar you could substitute with applesauce, and not oil. So my cake's gonna come out like shit right?

Edit: My stove is broken so it came out like shit anyways.
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Egg replacer

Do people have a preference when it comes to egg replacer. The two brands I'm familiar with (although haven't used either yet) are EnerG and Kingsmill. I bought Kingsmill as it's the only thing Noah's had. If you do have a preference, what is the reason for your preference?

I'm really sorry if this has been asked before. Currently, I have limited time for leisure on the net.
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Once again I'm raiding my mom's recipe box and trying to convert an old favorite. She used to make this tuna casserole type dish that I really miss more than anything, as it has that whole comfort-food appeal. I thought it wouldn't be possible due to the cream of mushroom soup, but I did just find out that Imagine Foods makes a vegan portobello soup.

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(no subject)

so, i just joined.
i'm chris, sixteen years old, vegan, and i really like to cook.

i need some help.
first off, i have horrible eating habits. not in the sense that what i eat is unhealthy (because it's not), but i only eat one meal a day. before you jump on me for not eating enough, let me mention that although i only eat once a day, i eat a lot at that meal. i mean, enough to feed two or three people kind of a lot. it's awful, but i can't seem to get out of that habit. it leaves me very bloated and i hate it but somethingsomething onto the next bit.
winter and cold weather in general seems to get me in the mood to only eat certain things, like chili. you know, warming/comforting stuff.
for the past while i have only been eating two things, either vegan chili with cashews and raisins with brown rice, or steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and potato with tofu (fried in a tiny bit of olive oil with some thai peanut sauce), with a bit of watered down coconut milk and a whole lot of peanut butter (ridiculously fattening, gross) with brown rice.
i really want to get out of this rut i'm stuck in, but nothing else seems to appeal to me. i know i'm gaining weight (especially from that second meal i mentioned *vomit*), which isn't exactly a bad thing (i'm underweight already, but i seriously don't look it), but it's not a very nice feeling.

so, with all that said, can you guys suggest some things? i'm open to whatever.
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I want to make some kick-a$$ muffins tomorrow morning. I immediately thought of blueberry muffins... but there are no fresh blueberries around now. What do you suggest? Can I use frozen blueberries, or is there some other kind of fruit in season that would make good muffins? Or should I just give up on scratch and buy a box mix?

Food for Thought

I ask you guys this because you're wonderful and will know.

I know I've heard certain foods are really good for giving your brain a boost, nuts and bananas maybe? I can't remember.

(I'm writing a paper this weekend)
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Hi folks,

I'm sure this is a very common vegan problem, and I'm wondering if any of you have had much luck with fighting it?

The trouble is, I suppose, that most protein in most vegan diets comes from beans and pulses, one way or another, and those are notorious sources of flatulence - so short of cutting those out entirely, what do people suggest? Are some pulses better than others? Do peanuts give you gas?

I'm thinking it'll be wise to go for a higher proportion of my protein coming from nuts and seeds - anyone got any other ideas?

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