March 7th, 2005


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midnight snacks are weird.
because sometimes you crave things that dont nescessarly make sense.

like I read this recipe for savory oatmeal in martha stewart and it sounded good. so I figured 'savory oatmeal, I think I'll look around my kitchen for ingredients for my very own savory oatmeal'

so I made oatmeal cooked in miso with seaweed and sunflower seeds with some currants.

and it was disgusting.

like fucking vile.

like I cant even eat a half a bowl (and I'm really hungry!)

so. Im a failure tonight. just thought I'd share.
SP Zeph


I am considering buying some stevia.
Has anyone here ever used stevia in place of sugar? I have read that it is extremely sweet, so you only need a fraction of the portion of granulated sugar you'd normally use.
I am wondering if there are easy conversions for substituting stevia for sugar in baked goods? Also, if one adds only a fraction of sweetner, will the texture of the product change? Is is it necessary to make up some of the lost bulk by adding more of something else?

I want something deep fried

I have extra firm tofu and I have seitan mix. I am SERIOUSLY craving something crunchy and/or deep fried with a crust or "skin." Sort of like "chicken" nuggets or something. Thing is, all the recipes I read call for soy sauce, braggs, etc and all those salty, soy sauce-like seasonings are a migraine trigger for me.

So...who has a recipe or idea they can share?
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Tofu Chicken Nuggets

Heeey! Have any of you ever made tofu chicken nuggets?

I've tried once before, and they didn't turn out too well. Last time I drained the tofu, froze it, thawed it, and then cut it. I dipped the tofu in water, covered it in some (not very well)seasoned bread crumbs, and then baked them for about 30 minutes. This time I drained the tofu, cut it into cubes and THEN froze it. It seems like it works better. Also.. this time I'm dipping the cubes in Nayonaise and I'm using Shake'n'Bake to cover them. (I'm trying to use this recipe ->

But I was just wondering.. would they taste better if I marinated them before? I've heard a lot of people using Braggs to marinate tofu.. and I finally found some the other day and bought it. Would that be a good idea? I was also thinking about vegetable broth. And should I add anything to the Shake'n'Bake to make it have more flavor? I've never used it. Is it already seasoned?

Thanks, everyone!
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    oh boy, i hope these turn out!

college food and jucers

so i'm looking at colleges (universities) like tring to find the one i want to go to, and i think i'm way to picky, cause i have yet to find a single school that has everything i want (not in a city, art major, dance minor w/ tap, and vegan food) that's it! but anyway, i have found almost none that claim to have vegan food and only a few w/ vegitarian, i was wondering do people know of colleges/universities that have decent vegan food? and/or how have people delt w/ going to school in a place w/o it?

on and intirly unrelated note, i'm considering investing in a jucer, what are people's favorite brands of jucers, and once i get the thing, what are good combinations of fruits and veggies, i want yummy healthy jucy stuff!
British tea

Vegan Supplements

I went to see my doctor today about my food allergies and she mentioned a shop right by my apartment that sold vegan produce. I never even knew it was there and almost weeped when I checked it out! At last I have vegan mayonnaise, butter, cheese, spread, bread, pudding, yoghurt, everything! I can't wait to try out all the nummy recipes that need such things now! :)

Anyway, I have a question that isn't really related to cooking, but I thought the people here could help me since I'm clueless.

I'm looking to buy some echinacea, vitamin, and stress relieving (like Kalms, for example) supplements but I don't know what brands are vegan or not, and on many products it's hard to tell.

Does anyone know any brands that are definitely vegan? Or even an online store that sells such things?

I'd really appreciate the help. :)

Vegan recipes for a cookbook!

Hi everyone, as some of you know I’m publishing a vegan cookbook (Vegan with a Vengeance) in April. If anyone has an original recipe (or something you veganized from another recipe) that you would like to see published in bright lights get in touch with me. The things that I am looking for are side dishes and entrees, but an awesome dessert will not be turned away. If your recipe is published you’ll get a copy of the book and a big thank you! You can send me recipes at isachandra at gmail dot com. E-mail me first to see if we already have something similar already. Thanks!

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